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Welcome to Oak Class!


We are a mixed class of Year 2 and Year 3. 

We enjoy lots of outdoor learning and thrive to do our best at all times. We enjoy telling jokes and have a really creative imagination which is useful for our creative writing! We are all very unique children but we all play together and always try to include all of our friends in our learning and games. 

The adults in our room are Miss Chhibber (class teacher), Mrs Rose, and Miss Reed.

Week ending 16th October:


This week we have started to look at non-chronological texts in English, with a specific focus on the Victorians, in preparation of writing our own. In Maths, we have been improving our addition and subtraction skills using money and have recapped our knowledge of using number lines. Some of us have also been recapping and practicing counting in 2's, 5's and 10's using hundred squares. In science, year 3 have been looking at how the human skeleton protects us and the different types of joints that we have in our bodies. Year 2 enjoyed creating sticks that represented their feelings in forest school with Mrs Tickle and were very keep to show them off. In DT, most of the children have completed their very own Victorian Peg Dolls, ready for us to evaluate before half term and have been thinking about what materials the Victorians would have had access to.

Week ending 9th October:


This week in Oak we have been looking at money in Maths and have been trying to make totals using different coins. In Literacy, we have been planning and writing our own short stories, focusing on using adjectives and adverbs to make them exciting. In History we have been discovering differences between the rich and poor people of Victorian England and recording these differences and similarities using a Venn diagram. Finally on Wednesday we performed our poems that we had learned and even performed some of our own. I was very impressed with all of the children but especially those who had practiced really hard and were able to memorise their poems!

Week ending 2nd October:


A bit of rain certainly didn’t stop Oak children from having a lovely Friday! This week we have enjoyed learning words in Italian for Europeans Day of Languages and tried to learn the names of the rainbow colours. We read and wrote our own animal poems for National Poetry Day and are excited to perform our poems next week. We have been particularly interested in money as we have awakened our competitive streak for the Penny Challenge! In Literacy, we have been reading 'Huge Bag of Worries' and 'Once Upon an Ordinary School Day' with a focus on adjectives and adverbs to improve stories. 

Week ending 25th September:


This week we have been using Espresso to find our facts about Queen Victoria and her life. The children were very eager to use the laptops for research and managed to find a variety of interesting facts. In Maths we have been looking at representing numbers using dienes and have been putting these numbers into a place value grid. In Literacy we have been using expanded noun phrases and adverbs in our writing to make it more excited. We have also started our French lessons (for the first time for Year 2) and have discussed different greetings and when each greeting is appropriate, for example, using bonne nuit in the evenings. 

Week ending 18th September:


This week we have been exploring deeper into our Victorian topic and have been specifically looking at the toys that rich and poor Victorian children played with - We all agreed that we would much rather have been a rich Victorian child! We have designed our own peg dolls with a focus on what materials the Victorians would have been able to use for toys. 

Week ending 11th September:


What a lovely welcome back to school this week has been! We have agreed on our class rules and discussed how to behave at school with the new social-distance restrictions. Oak class have enjoyed starting our new topic of The Victorians and thought about what we want to learn about the period. There have been lots of 'getting to know you' activities and we have gelled as a class very quickly! Our 'Here We Are' book has been a very interesting conversation starter about our favourite memories and people who are special to us - we all feel very lucky to have such lovely people who care about us (even if we can't see them at the moment).