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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Rowan Class!

In Rowan class you'll find: 

  • Mrs Duncan  (Class Teacher)

  • Miss Harris and Mrs Rose (Teaching Assistants)

  • Mixed age class Y5 & 6: 22 pupils in total

  • Itsy and Bitsy the class axoltols

Rowan Class Update Week Ending 12th of October:

Rowan class have had a busy week. In English, we have finished analysing and reciting a selection of First World War poems (see previous posts for clips of some of the children reciting their poems). We have looked at the different types of figurative language and the emotive vocabulary chosen by the poets. In response to images and rare footage from WW1, pupils have created their own word banks, similes and metaphors which they will use to write their own poems. In guided reading some of the class have looked at non-fiction books of WW1 whilst others began reading ' Goodnight Mister Tom'. In Maths, we've revised efficient methods for addition and subtraction and used these methods to solve problems. In topic Rowan have researched WW1 and used the information obtained to create timelines and fact files. In PE they have continued to practise their invasion games skills ahead of this week's DLPT sports days. In addition, some of Y6 entered the Y6 English Challenge.

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Rowan Class Update Week Ending 5th of October:

We’ve had a busy week in Rowan. In English we finished off our analysis of the book FArTHER and then planned our stories, set during World War 1, based on this text. I am really pleased with some of the writing - lots of great descriptive language and many of the pupils have written with real emotion. Can’t wait to get them up on the wall. Most of the children finished writing their stories first thing yesterday, leaving the rest of the day to celebrate National Poetry Day. After break, pupils were given a short anthology ofWorld War 1 poetry to read. They then discussed with their partner which poem was their favourite and why and recorded their views in their books. They were then asked to practise performing one of the poems which they will have to learn and perform for a poetry ‘slam’ next week. Rowan class also watched the BBC Live poetry lesson, joining in with the fun activities (see photos below). Also see photos of the class reading and analyzing their poems. In addition to literacy inspired by WW1, pupils have also been taking part in an new activity designed to improved their vocabulary. In Maths, we’ve been solving problems involving place value, rounding and the difference between positive and negative numbers as well as continuing to learn our times tables. In topic we have created timelines for the First World War and researched trench warfare for our stories. Rowan enjoyed their outdoor learning earlier in the week and their tag rugby lesson this afternoon. See photos in an earlier post.

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Rowan Class Update Week Ending 28th of September:

Rowan class have been very busy of late. In English we have been reminding ourselves how to use speech marks to show what is said and writing descriptions about the characters we would like to be in our stories inspired by the book ‘FArTHER. We’ve also been predicting what we think will happen at the end of the story. In Maths we’ve finished our work on rounding and are just beginning to calculate the difference between positive and negative numbers. In topic we have been finding out a lot more about World War 1 and what trench warfare was really like. We used what we’d learned to write,in role, a letter home to our families. In science we were imagining what it would be like to live in a world without gravity and we have enjoyed our PE lessons on tag rugby.

Rowan update week ending 14th of September:
Rowan have had a busy week, particularly Year 6 who have completed several baseline assessments. Both year groups thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning on Tuesday afternoon and their visit to the Life Bus on Wednesday pm. In the Life Bus they learned about the different organ systems in the body and the importance of maintaining a healthy life style. On Thursday we celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday; children brought in their favourite Dahl books (see photo below). Children also wrote about their favourite Roald Dahl book and researched his life to complete a fact file about him. They also created a new character for their favourite book. In PE, pupils enjoyed the football and rugby session with Mrs Griffiths.


Rowan Class update:
Welcome back everyone! Rowan class have had a busy week. They've completed lots of PSHE work - on 'getting to know each' other: they've described their families, hobbies and favourite foods etc and shared their hopes and aspirations for the school year ahead. We even managed to sneak in some exciting writing - pupils wrote about their favourite day in the holidays. Our topic this term is World Wars and as part of this Rowan class learned about several war artists and they researched and prepared a power point on the war artist of their choice.

Medium Term Planning Overview - Rowan Class Y5/6



Ø Forces –gravity, friction, air resistance

Ø Electricity – basic circuitry


Ø Events leading up to WWI and WWII

Ø Life in wartime Britain

Ø Battle of Britain

Ø D-Day

Ø Evacuation & Rationing

Ø The Blitz


Ø Naming and locating countries, counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and their physical characteristics – cities affected by bombing in WWII; Europe and the Eastern and Western front. Countries involved in WWI and WWII.


Ø Autumn Term White Rose

Ø place value


Ø geometry

Ø measuring

Ø problem solving

Ø number

Ø adding, subtracting, multiplying& dividing





World War I and II




Ø Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Ø Historical Novel – Goodnight Mr Tom

Ø Farther

Ø Diary of Anne Frank

Ø Play scripts - The War horse

Ø Newspaper reports

Ø Guided Reading


Ø Musical Notation

Ø Wartime songs (Sing Up)



Ø Getting along together

Ø Resolving conflict

Ø ‘One Boy’ – War Graves Commission





Ø World War 1 & 2 War Artists




Ø Commuter aided design (CAD) of houses and shelters



Ø Judaism


Ø Anderson shelters

Ø Motorised vehicles


PE: Friday pm – Rugby and football. Homework given out on a Friday to be returned by following Thursday.




Rowan class update week ending 22.6.18:
Rowan have had an exciting week. On Monday, while Y5 were swimming, Miss Harris and Y6 went to Winhills for a DLPT sports event. KPA Y6 along with other Y6 from across the Trust took part in a series of events, see post from Mrs Bullimore below for photos. Pupils from KPA did very well, coming joint second with GSPA Y6. Well done everyone! Further excitement was had on Wednesday when outreach engineers from Lockheed Martin led a day long session on rockets. Pupils had a brilliant day designing, making and later flying their own rockets! See earlier post for more details and photos. On Thursday, pupils had the opportunity to develop their cooking skills when they made their version of an Elizabethan biscuit. Pupils had to use their Maths skills to adjust the recipe and then make the biscuits. Later, they used their understanding of nets ( in Maths) to make boxes for their biscuits which were then decorated prior to being filled. Pupils remembered to put dietary information on the boxes. See below for photos of the proud bakers and their wares!

Medium Term Planning Overview - Rowan Class Y5/6



  • Light
  • Electricity
  • Gravity
  • Animals including Humans revision for y5/6 Sex Ed



  • Shakespeare & the Globe theatre
  • Elizabeth 1st (and comparison E2nd)
  • Elizabethan times and their relationship to other time periods
  • Frances Drake and other explorers, discovery of the New World


  • Naming and locating countries, counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and their physical characteristics, key topographical features (including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers), land-use and how some of these aspects have changed over time (especially London)
  • Locating the world’s countries including North & South America


  • Summer Term National Curriculum
  • White Rose
  • nRich
  • Problem Solving
  • Arithmetic Tests

Lights, Camera, Action!




  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Play scripts
  • Shakespeare plays and poetry
  • Newspaper reports



  • Music notation
  • Elizabethan music
  • Greensleeves
  • End of Term Production


  • Sex and Relationships
  • Rainbow Flag
  • Rights and Responsibilities



  • Tudor portraits
  • Symbolism in Tudor/Elizabethan paintings
  • Leonardo da Vinci



  • Coding
  • Scratch





  • Dissolution of the Church in Tudor times – Henry VIII breaks from Rome
  • Catholic Q. Mary vs Protestant Q. Elizabeth I
  • People of Faith and Courage


  • Puppet theatre/puppets (we did last year)
  • Picture/photograph frames
  • Biscuits


PE: Dance; Athletics; Cricket

Rowan class update week beginning 4th of June:

A busy week that started with Rowan swimming on Monday morning. In Maths, Year 5 have been investigating 3D shapes. They began by assembling some tricky pre-printed nets and then they used 3D shapes, in class, as a guide when drawing their own nets prior to construction of the shapes selected. They did this very successfully as the photos below show. On Tuesday, pupils were introduced to this half term’s topic - Camera, Lights, Action which will combine The Elizabethan era and Shakespearean drama with the science of light and colour. The pupils worked together in their Kagan groups to create independent learning questions under the headings of: history, geography, science and nature, technology, philosophy and ethics. Whilst Y5 have been surging ahead with their topic work, Y6 have continued with their PSHE, Rainbow Flag work. This week they have been looking at diversity. Y6 shared their understanding of different families with Y1 and 2 - see previous posts. Y6 also learned that people who are different are often bullied because of their perceived differences, this is especially true of people from the LGBT community who are often bullied (HBT-bullying). Y6 designed posters to make clear that this form of bullying is unacceptable. As part of the Rainbow Flag award, the work that Y6 completed with Y1/2 and some of their posters has been used to create a display in the Hall see photos below. In music, pupils are beginning to learn the songs for ‘Macbeth’ which will be our end of term production this year.

Rowan class update week beginning 14.5.18:
Thank goodness that’s over! Year 6 can finally put their feet up 😉 - SATS are over! Well done Year 6, you coped brilliantly... and remained wonderfully calm. It must have been the breakfasts 😉. Year 5 had a busy week too. Everyone finished writing and editing their sci-fi stories and then, in their exciting writing books, Year 5 wrote another independent piece about being lost in a dark, gloomy forest. There was also time for some revision on the four number operations, fractions, statistics and geometry. In PSHE, we continued to look at rights and responsibilities and the class thought about and discussed which articles from the ‘Rights of a Child’ affected them at school and then they used what they learned to create a class charter. In music, with Miss Reed, Rowan finished off and recorded their compositions about space. Finally, in art, pupils designed the printing plate for their ‘propaganda’ influenced space-race posters.
Rowan Class update week beginning 7.5.18
A busy week! In English, Pupils have now finished writing their sci-if stories and most have edited to improve their writing. We’ve also been revising sentence construction and prefixes and suffixes ahead of this week’s SATS tests. In Maths, we completed our work on angles by learning how to find the value of unknown angles created by lines intersecting parallel lines and we’ve revised line graphs and pie charts. We’ve also been extracting information from tables and timetables. In Music, we’ve continued to listen to Holsts’, ‘The Planets’- pupils have been comparing what they know about the planet Mars with the musical piece entitled Mars. Pupils also enjoyed their PE session with Mrs Griffiths. See post below.
Rowan class update week beginning 26.2.18 :
Rowan class had a busy week. In English we finished writing, evaluating and editing our historical stories. We have started work on a new text type by looking at the purpose and key features of explanation texts. In Maths we have continued to look at metric units used to measure length, weight and capacity and convert measurements taken using e.g. mm, cm and km. We have also been comparing metric and imperial measurements e.g. miles and kilometers and solving problems involving different metric and imperial units of measure. In science, we have continued our investigation into the importance of moisture and warmth on mould growth and now have a great collection of mouldy bread samples! We have also managed to have fun in the snow (see photos in a previous post). This week we also celebrated World Book Day and were fortunate to have a visiting author to share her book with the whole school and discuss, with the older pupils, what it is like to be an author and describe the process of writing and publishing children’s books (see a previous post for photos and clips of Karen Bolam reading her book and answering the children’s questions). Pupils were also able to come to school dressed as their favourite book character - some of their costumes were brilliant - well done to all who took part (again see previous post for photos). As part of World Book Day we also read and rehearsed Kate Wakeling’s poem, The Comet. Finally, in design technology we started to design our time machines.

Update week beginning February 19th:

Rowan class have had a very busy week. In English, we have been working hard on our stories set in Stuart times. We have included lots of historical details about living in London at that time and about the Great Fire of London or The Black Death. Pupils have been practising using adverbial phrases to add detail to their writing. They’ve also been experimenting with clause order alter the emphasis and impact of what they write. In Maths, we have been studying different metric units of measure and comparing and converting between metric units and imperial measures. In science, we have learned more about microbes: children have researched for themselves how some microbes can be useful e.g. yeast when making beer and bread whilst others can cause serious injury e.g. The Black Death. As part of this unit of work, we have been studying the role of micro-organisms in food decay and have planned an investigation into how bread goes mouldy and the factors that promote the growth of mould on food (see photos below). In history, we have learned more about The Black Death and how, in the absence of any successful treatment and to limit the spread of the disease, those suffering were nailed into their houses. We have written diary entries and letters, in role, to try to give a sense of what it would have been like to have been there at that time.





Update week beginning 29.1.18:

Rowan class have had a busy week! In English, pupils have been identifying details that give a text a historical feel e.g. clothes, household objects and archaic language. We have also been retelling the Story of The Great Fire of London and mapping out the text. Year 6 have been playing around with the order of events to include a flashback. We have also been developing our use of descriptive language. In Maths, Rowan have been converting fractions into decimals and comparing and ordering decimals to three decimal places. We have also been finding percentages and fractions of amounts. In Science lessons we have been classifying different types of micro-organisms and finding out more about those that are useful e.g. yeast and bad for us e.g. flu virus. In topic we have continued to study life in Stuart times and the effects of the Great Fire of London on the capital’s architecture. We have also learned more about the architect Sir Christopher Wren who redesigned and rebuilt St Paul’s cathedral after the fire. In art, we have created some beautiful pastel drawings of the Great Fire of London. We have also looked at architecture before and after the fire and created 3D models of early Stuart period houses. Although we initially used a template, we went on to design our own SD houses using mathematical nets (see below). In PE, Rowan have been developing their hockey skills (see previous posts) and Y5 have been improving their table tennis. Finally, Y6 to the O2 in London to take part in Young Voices; an amazing experience! (See previous posts).

Welcome back! A busy term ahead. See this term's topic is 'Travel Through Space and Time' - an overview of what we will be covering is given below.

Medium Term Planning Overview Rowan Class Year 5/6 Spring 2018



Ø Micro-organisms

Ø Earth and Space

Ø Forces - Gravity



Ø The Stuarts

Ø The Great Fire of London

Ø The Plague

Ø Kings and Queens of Great Britain


Geography (main focus)


Ø London

Ø Maps through time

Ø England

Ø Rivers – The River Thames



Ø White Rose

Ø NC Maths programme of study 2014

Ø Place Value

Ø Number

Ø Problem Solving

Ø NRich and Beam activities


Travel Through Space and Time



Ø Historical Narrative

Ø Diaries

Ø Explanation Texts

Ø Sci-Fi

Ø Shakespeare

Ø Poetry – Moon Juice






Ø Music from the period

Ø Masques



Ø Citizenship

Ø Healthy Lifestyles


Art & Design

Ø Art as a historical record

Ø Art Pastels – Great Fire of London

Ø Architecture – Christopher Wren

Ø DT – design a time machine


Ø Research

Ø CAD – house building



Ø Christianity



Ø Gymnastics

Ø Badminton

Ø Hockey

PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon: indoor and outdoor kit please Homework due back on a Thursday please

Rowan Class Update w/e 12.10.17:

Another busy week for Rowan class. In Maths, we've been learning how to add and subtract using formal written methods and we have used what we have learned to help us to solve a range on one-step and multi-step problems. We also used rounding to estimate and the inverse method to check  our answers. In literacy we self and peer assessed our dragon myths by comparing them to a marking ladder before editing them accordingly. These stories will now be written into handmade books and illustrated. Also this week, in guided reading, some of year 6 continued to read Dragon's Rock whilst most of year 5 have been looking at the poem The Magic Box. The class are now going on to look at this poem in greater detail in English lessons before writing their own version. In R.E. Rowan class have been learning about the significance of artefacts used by Buddhists during worship. In art lessons, Rowan finished their work on Chinese landscapes which were then copied and used to create gilded, Chinese lanterns (photos to follow). In readiness for next half term's sports tournaments, Rowan class practised their dodgeball and rugby skills during Wednesday's PE lesson and they continued to practise their dance steps on Friday afternoon. Finally, in music, pupils have continued to work with pentatonic scales and have composed their own pieces of work. Some photos of the class writing their musical pieces are shown below.







Rowan class are enjoying their weekly outdoor learning sessions with Mrs Tickle. See Mrs Tickle's post below.

We are really starting to make a difference to the raised beds. Rowan class even planted a beautiful silver birch kindly donated by Miss Harris. 










Rowan class update week ending 6.10.17:
Rowan class have had a busy week. In Maths the class have worked hard to finish place value. They've been counting forwards and backwards in multiples of 10, 100, 1000 etc., learning about Roman numerals and solving problems on place value, negative numbers, rounding and counting forwards and backwards. In English they have written and edited their dragon myths and continued to practise their spellings and handwriting as part of the daily guided reading carousel. In science, they've been using line graph plotting skills learned in maths to plot changes in temperature recorded as ice melts... who knew it would take so long for a single ice cube to melt! Pupils also thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning session with Mrs Tickle - see previous post. On Wednesday they practised their dodgeball skills with Mr Hayward and they enjoyed their street dancing on Friday afternoon. Rowan class also enjoyed learning why Buddhists meditate and practised meditating themselves. See post below for photos! In topic pupils worked independently, without adult help, to devise a series of interesting questions, around six key areas, that will form the basis of their independent topic work. Finally, pupils worked with Miss Reed to compose the oriental music in the videos below.

Welcome everyone - a busy term ahead! A curriculum overview for the Autumn term is shown below. This term's topic is 'Dragons, Myths and Magic'.

Medium Term Planning Overview  -  Rowan Class Year 5/6   Autumn 2017




Ø States of Matter

Ø Water Cycle

Ø Properties and Changes of          Materials

Ø Animals including Humans



Ø Shang Dynasty


Geography (main focus)


Ø China – physical/human geography

Ø use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer images

Ø use of 6/8 point compass & grid references

Ø Google Earth


Ø White Rose

Ø NC Maths programme of study 2014

Ø Place Value

Ø Number

Ø Problem Solving

Ø NRich and Beam activities







Dragons, Myths and Magic


Ø Myths and Legends

Ø Playscripts

Ø Persuasion

Ø Non-Chronological Reports

Ø Poetry – the power of imagery



Ø Traditional Chinese music

Ø Tan Dun composer

Ø Pentatonic Scales


Ø Citizenship

Ø Healthy Lifestyles


Art & Design (Art focus)

Ø Clay dragons

Ø Dragon sketching

Ø Chinese landscapes – traditional painting

Ø Chinese calligraphy


Ø Google Earth

Ø Research

Ø Scratch



Ø Buddhism

Ø Confucianism/Taoism

Ø Folk Religions (Shen)


Ø Dance

Ø Football/Rugby/Dodge ball

Ø Fencing/Volley ball

PE is on a Wednesday afternoon: indoor and outdoor kit please and Friday afternoon: Dance indoor kit please     

Homework given out on a Friday for return the following Friday. Pupils also need to do 1 hour Maths Whizz/week

Week beginning 27.2.17:

Another interesting week for Rowan class. On Monday afternoon we had a visit from PCSO Braddick who advised the children on how to stay safe in the local environment and on-line and reminded children of the importance of always letting an adult know where they were going particularly when they were out with friends. In Maths the class were comparing tenths, hundredths and thousandths to their decimal equivalents and learning how to order and round decimals. Rowan class also had the opportunity to use their measuring and scaling skills when they were making pancakes. Our science lesson also involved pancakes - this time the children were looking at how the materials (ingredients) are changed by cooking. The class learned that dry, solid ingredients are added to liquids to make a liquid emulsion or batter which becomes a solid pancake when cooked. Rowan class also learned about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and how their particles differ. The pancakes also sneaked into our PE lesson - see the photos below of our 'Pancake Races'. In literacy we have been retelling a story from another's point of view and learning how to punctuate sentences properly to show who is speaking and what is said.


Week beginning 5th of February, 2017

In English this week we have been learning about the key features of diaries and practising writing diaries about what we did over the weekend. We then moved on to write diaries, in role, as one of Shackleton's crew members; some writing about being left on Elephant Island and others about 'their' journey on the 800 mile trip to St. Georgia in a rowing boat! In Maths we have being using multiplying and dividing of fractions to solve problems and finding fractions of an amount or quantity. In science, Y5/6 investigated the  hypothesis that all living things contain DNA by attempting to extract DNA from strawberries. All of the Y5/6 children successfully followed the extraction procedure and were able to remove DNA from the filtered strawberry puree. See photos below (more photos on Facebook.)


Meanwhile, Y4 learned about the role of magnets in the home and in industry before going on to invent a piece of machinery that could complete everyday tasks using magnetism. In PE the class finished their unit on street dance with Miss Johnson and enjoyed demonstrating their moves to the class! Outside, in tag rugby, they continued to practise their passing skills. In RE Rowan class have continued to learn about Christianity and 'special places'.

Week beginning 23rd January, 2017:

A busy week for Rowan class. In Maths we started the week by adding and subtracting fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers before moving on the multiplying and dividing and problem solving. Year 5 and 6 have also been learning how to use common factors to simplify fractions. Year 4 have been working out how to calculate a fraction of a number or quantity as well as problem solving using addition and subtraction of fractions. In English, we finished our character descriptions of the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton before writing letters of application, in role as potential crew members, hoping to be chosen to accompany Shackleton on his Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The children looked in detail at the pen portraits of each crew member and then tried to suggest qualities that their chosen character might have that would make them suitable candidates. They then had to write a letter persuading Shackleton of their suitability for the role. In science, the children had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of last term's science topic by writing a non-chronological report on 'Reproduction'. Rowan continued to practise their street dance moves with Miss Johnson and their skills in rugby and dodge ball with Mr Hayward (despite the cold weather).


Welcome back! This term's topic is 'Explorers and Exploration'. Rowan class will be exploring Antarctica and learning all about the intrepid explorers and their challenges against the wildest, least hospitable place on Earth. See below for a curriculum map.


Medium Term Planning Overview - Rowan Class Y4/5/6 Spring 2017



Ø Evolution and Inheritance

Ø States of Matter

Ø Properties and changes of Materials

Ø Weather

Ø Earth and Space



Ø Captain Scott

Ø Shackleton

Ø Slavery

Ø British Empire

Ø Maps



Ø Antarctica – physical/human geography

Ø use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer images

Ø use of 8 point compass

Ø Google maps


Ø White Rose

Ø NC Maths programme of study 2014

Ø Fractions

Ø Shape and Space

Ø Measures

Ø Revision


Ø Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Ø Shackleton’s Journey

Ø Adventure stories- Just a Dream

Ø Explanation texts

Ø Non-Chronological Reports

Ø SATS revision



Ø Theme from Antarctica – Vangelis

Ø Winter – Vivaldi

Ø The snow is dancing - Debussy


Ø Healthy Life Styles



Ø Watercolours of Edward Wilson

Ø Wildlife paintings of Dafila Scott

Ø What colour is a glacier?


Ø Sketch up

Ø Google Earth



Ø Christianity


Ø Shelters

Ø Designing a ‘Rover’ - CLEAPS

PE: Rugby, tennis, dance PE is on a Wednesday afternoon: indoor and outdoor kit please Homework due back by Wednesday please




Week beginning 14.11.16

Another busy week for Rowan class. In literacy, we continued with our work on poetry with a conservation/environmental theme. This week we studied two poems in depth: Surrounded by Noise by Ian Souter which we used to identify onomatopoeic words and From my Window by Martyn Wiley and Ian McMillan which provided similes that attempted to allow the reader to see the beauty in landscapes devastated by pollution. The children went on to write their own onomatopoeic poem about the destruction of the rainforest and have created words banks for their version of the 'From my Window' poem.  In Maths meanwhile, we've been learning formal methods for multiplication including long multiplication by two digits. The children have also been working on their times tables, mental maths and arithmetic skills. In science we have been continuing our work on life cycles: studying the life cycles of butterflies. frogs and fruit flies (Drosophila). In topic the children completed their series of simultaneous timelines showing what was happening in the rest of the world during the expansion of Mayan culture in Mexico. In PE, on Tuesday afternoon, the children continued to improve their ability to work as a team by working (in groups) to move a small ball through a series of pipes. On Wednesday, the class developed their gymnastics skills including their balance.



On Thursday morning, the children enjoyed learning about healthy eating and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during a visit from Everyone Health. As part of the lesson, children had to learn about different food groups and how to balance them to give a healthy plateful. 



Also on Thursday morning, the children took part in a BBC 'Get Scientific' lesson - learning about electric circuits, circuit components and how electricity is conducted.



Finally, in art, the children examined different examples of Mayan pottery and chose those that they liked best to inform their own pottery designs ready for when we make our Mayan-styled 'coiled pots'.

Week beginning 7.11.16:

Another busy week for Rowan class. In literacy, in keeping with our topic The Maya and our study of the rainforests in geography, we started a new unit of work on poetry with a conservation/environmental theme. We began by looking at the poem 'Mummy oh Mummy' by Anon. The children worked with their partner to identify the rhyming words and patterns and then went on to discuss the meaning of the poem and how best to perform it. The class then used 'Two stars and a wish' to comment on each pair's performance. Meanwhile in Maths, whilst Y4 were taking part in their DLPT Sports' tournament, the Y5/6 pupils investigated factors, common factors and prime and composite numbers and used a 'Sieve of Eratosthenes' to identify all prime numbers below 100. Later in the week the children practised a variety of strategies for improving their mental maths including the use of factor pairs and other known and derived facts to multiply and divide. In science we continued our work on plant reproduction as the children discovered different methods by which plants could reproduce asexually. We also continued our study of different life cycles by observing, through time, the life cycle of fruit flies (Drosophila). In topic the children used their research notes to compile a series of simultaneous timelines showing what was happening in the rest of the world during the expansion of Mayan culture in Mexico. In PE, on Tuesday afternoon, the children had (and enjoyed) their first team building lesson by the Grafham Water coaches. Then, on Wednesday, the class were practising their gymnastics skills.  


On Monday morning, it was Year 4s turn to go to Winhills for the Winter DLPT Sports Tournament. The team competed in a series of games across three disciplines: football; netball and dodge ball and managed to come a very respectable 4th. Well done Y4 (and Y3) and many thanks to Miss Orakci and Mrs Griffiths and drivers for transporting and supporting the children. Later in the week, KPA had a non-uniform day for Children in Need and the children were very pleased to welcome their special guest (Pudsey bear) with a Mexican wave.



Week beginning 1.11.16:

Another busy week for Rowan class. In literacy we edited and proof read our creation myths and our Shipwrecked stories from our previous 'exciting writing'. While in Maths Rowan class continued to add and subtract numbers of 4-digits or more (including decimals) using formal methods for addition and subtraction and used their skills our to solve 'mastery level' multi-step problems. The children checked their answers using the inverse operation. In science we continued our work on plant reproduction in flowering plants as the children discovered the role of different parts of a flower are and learned what happens during pollination and fertilisation. We also began researching the life cycles of amphibians, insects and birds. In topic the children used the laptops to research what was happening in Russia, China and Europe at the same time as the Mayans were developing their cities and culture in South America. In PE the class were practising their dodge ball skills in readiness for the DLPT Sports tournament.


On Thursday morning, Year 5/6 went to Winhills for the Winter DLPT Sports Tournament where each team competes in a series of games across three disciplines: football; netball and dodge ball. Despite being the smallest school there - we WON! Well done team KPA for having a real team spirit and for 'going for it'! We are really proud of you.



Week beginning 17.10.16: 

Wow! What an exciting week for Rowan class. On Monday afternoon, as part of this weeks' 'anti-bullying' events, 'Tom and the Trolls' came to KPA. In this storytelling session 'Tom' and the 'Trolls' tackled the issues raised by bullying at the children's level and helped the children to realise that bullying can include social exclusion and verbal as well as physical abuse. The children enjoyed the session and it provoked interesting comments and remarks during both question time at the end of the performance and back in the classroom. Rowan class were lucky enough to have their photograph taken with Simon and his puppets at the end of the performance.




Then, on Tuesday morning, year 6 (and some of year 5) braved the rain to take part in a tag rugby tournament. Team KPA were great ambassadors for our school; not only were they 4th out of 14 but they also demonstrated great team spirit and excellent behaviour, well done !!


There was further excitement at Wednesday's celebration assembly when Head Girl and Head Boy and the House Captains were given their badges. Emily and Oliver are Head Girl and Boy and Freya, Joe and Emily are house captains for Montagu, Wingfield and Mandeville respectively.   Emily and Oliver (Head Girl and Head Boy) House captains:  Freya,  Emily and Joe.

Despite all this excitement we also found time to finish off our Creation myths in literacy and write and edit our second piece of 'Exciting Writing'. In maths we used the column method to add and subtract and addition and subtraction to solve problems. Answers were estimated using rounding and checked using the inverse method. In science we continued our work on sexual and asexual reproduction as we drew and labelled the male and female parts of flowering plants using lilies for reference. 

Rowan class' school councillors for this year are: 


Year 4: Jodie and Harrison


Year 5: Madeleine and Oscar


Year 6: Oliver and Joe


week beginning 10.10.16: 

Another busy week in Rowan class. In maths we've been reading, writing, ordering and comparing decimals up to three decimal places.  We have also been partitioning decimals and placing decimals on a number line. Rowan class have also been multiplying whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and using their knowledge to solve problems involving place value and multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals. In literacy we have been finishing off our Mayan creation myths and editing them to ensure our sentences vary in length and structure and that we have used paragraphs to organise our thoughts and ideas effectively. In science we've been looking at sexual and asexual reproduction and the advantages/disadvantages of both types of reproduction. We have also been investigating which type of plants and animals use sexual or asexual reproduction and showing our findings in  Venn diagrams. In Topic, we learned more about the culture of the ancient Maya and place key events from their time period onto a timeline along with other major events that were happening elsewhere in the world at that time. Meanwhile, in PE, we've been practising our tag rugby skills, running with and passing the ball down the line, in readiness for Tuesday's Y5/6 DLPT Sports'Tournament in which tag rugby is one of the games played. Good Luck team KPA!

week beginning 3.10.16:

It's been another busy week in Rowan class. In maths we have been learning how to round whole numbers (2- to 7-digits) to the nearest 10, 100, 100, 10,000 and 100,000 and decimals to 3 decimal places to the nearest hundredth, tenth and whole number! We've also been solving problems involving rounding and place value and completing 'nrich' mathematical investigations. In literacy, in our Kagan groups, we read and retold the Mayan creation myth, 'To the stars by canoe' and mapped it's story structure onto a story hill. We went on to use this simple narrative structure as a model for our own stories. The children began by creating a mind map of their story ideas which they then mapped onto a story hill or 'boxed' up into sections that would become paragraphs. They considered how they would use paragraphs to organise their writing and how they could use fronted adverbials and other connectives to link their thoughts and ideas together. Rowan class are hoping to display their final, edited, stories in a class book of 'Mayan' creation myths. In topic, Rowan class learned about the structure of a rain forest and used laptops and books to research each layer (from the high emergent trees to the forest floor) and the plants and animals that might be found there. The children went on to use their knowledge of branching keys to classify the animals of the rain forest that they had researched. The rain forest theme continued in art as the children learned and attempted to emulate the style of the French artist Henri Rousseau. On top of all that we had the KPA BAKE OFF! Rowan children did our class proud... not only did the cakes look amazing but they tasted delicious too! Class winners will be announced in Tuesday's celebration assembly. Well done to everyone who baked - sale of the donated goodies raised nearly £70 for school funds.

Picture 1
Picture 2

28.9.16 Y6 ENGLISH CHALLENGE, Bushmead Primary

Well done to the children who took part in today's Year 6 English challenge, at Bushmead, we just missed out on a top 3 position! Team KPA did however get the prize for the best strategic planning! Well done all - great teamwork. smiley



week beginning 26.9.16:

This week Rowan class have been continuing their work on Creation myths. They have been thinking and writing about the setting for their own stories - the rain forest. We've been looking at lots of photographs and video clips to help us imagine what it would be like to be there and using our senses to describe what we might see, hear and feel. The children have been using interesting adjectives to describe the scene and create noun and extended noun  phrases as well as sentences and short paragraphs. Myths are written in the past tense so we have also been looking at and practising writing in verb tenses: simple past and present tense and progressive and perfect forms. In guided reading we've been looking at the key features of non-fiction books and discovering more exciting facts about Mexico. Meanwhile in maths, we have continued our work on place value - calculating and problem solving with negative numbers in context and have investigated Roman numerals. We discovered that the number number system used by the Romans did not have a zero and that it used letters and not the digits we use today. Most children can read and write Roman numerals up to 1000 and can read the years in Roman numerals. Years 4 and 5 were also practising adding 10 and multiples of 10. In topic we have been learning about rain forests, where they are located on a map of the world, and the organisation of trees and plants therein. In science we studied the scientist Carl Linnaeus and discovered how the classification system he devised is still used to classify plants and animals today. We looked at how animals could be classified as non-vertebrates or vertebrates and how the latter could be sub-classified into: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. The children were asked to find out more about Carl Linnaeus for their homework this week.


In addition, our excited Year 6 children joined other Y6 children from the Trust on a trip to the ballet, to the Royal Opera House, to see 'La Fille Mal Gardee' - they had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.



week beginning 19.9.16

Rowan class have enjoyed another busy week. In English we have continued our study of Mayan creation myths by comparing different versions of the same story and investigating the key features of this text type. This week we have been looking more closely at the language used in creation myths, especially the rich descriptive vocabulary and exciting verbs. Rowan class have studied the use of simple past and present tenses of regular and irregular verbs as well as progressive forms of both tenses. In SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons we have been working on homophones. The children have been comparing the spelling and meaning of many of the most commonly used homophones e.g. their; there and they're. In Maths, we have been extending our understanding of place value by counting backwards and forwards through zero to include positive and negative numbers on a number line and in context e.g. using a thermometer. Some children have been using their reasoning skills to solve worded problems involving temperature - they were able to recognise the direction of change and could calculate by how much either independently or by using a number line for support. In science we investigated the seven characteristics of living things and recognised that all living things must: move, respire, be sensitive, grow, reproduce, excrete and have  and that this list can be remembered by the acronym 'MRS GREN'. Homework for this week is given below. 

Welcome back Rowan class! It's been a busy week. The children have settled well and have been working hard on their new topic, The Maya.  A copy of the curriculum plan, showing what we will be studying this term, is published below. We've already discovered who the Maya were and used atlases and interactive maps to explore where they were from. The class have also been learning about the physical and human geography of Mexico and other countries nearby. Rowan class also learned about the social structure of Mayan people and designed their own Mayan masks.The children also really enjoyed yesterday's visit from the Forest Owl (see photographs below and Gallery for more photos).  This week's homework can be found in the 'Homework' block below.




week beginning 12.9.16

Another busy week in Rowan class! In English we've been reading Mayan creation myths - predicting what we think would happen next in the story based on what we'd read so far - using evidence from the text to justify our point of view. We also identified the key events, ideas and characters in the story and used 'freeze-frames' to describe what was happening and how the characters were feeling at significant parts of the story. In a later lesson we used storyboards to summarise the story. In maths we've been revisiting place value - reading, writing, ordering numbers up to 10,000,000 and identifying what each digit represents. Some of the children used their reasoning to solve problems on place value. In geography, the children finished their work on the physical geography of Mexico by creating a map to show: deserts; mountain ranges; high plateaus, low lying coastal areas and dense tropical rain forests. We will go on to study rain forest habitats  in greater detail. On Tuesday, it would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday - the children celebrated by dressing up as characters from his books or wearing yellow - his favourite colour! We had a variety of costumes including: A Wonka Bar; Willy Wonka; Veruca Salt; Matilda(s); Miss Honey; Mr Twit; Miss Trunchbull; James with a large peach;  Danny from Champion of the World, The BFG & Sophie; a Grand High Witch or two; Grandpa Joe and a Fantastic Mr Fox! Well done to everyone! In PSHE, we made our own dream jars filled with 'dreams for a better world'. The children thought of others and 'dreamt for' among other things: a world without poverty and war; clean water for everyone and an education for all. Look out for them the next time you're in school (photos to follow). Rowan class have also been working hard on their handwriting - we have recently introduced the 'Nelson' scheme for cursive, joined handwriting across the school.


Some of our freeze-frames - the children wrote their captions in their books



Rowan class as their favourite Roald Dahl characters:


 some children wore yellow because that was Dahl's favourite colour!




Welcome everyone - a busy term ahead!  A curriculum overview for the Autumn term is shown below. This term's topic is 'The Maya'.


Medium Term Planning Overview  -  Rowan Class Y4/5/6   Autumn 2016



  • Earth and Space
  • Living things and their habitats


  • Timeline of Mayan events
  • Who were the Maya?
  • Mayan language and culture
  • Comparison with British language and culture 900 A.D.


  • World Map
  • The Americas & Mexico
  • Mesoamerica: Mayan cities
  • Rainforests


  • Y 4/5/6 Spring Term National Curriculum including:
  • Place value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Measurement – Area
  • Fractions

     The Ancient Maya




  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Folk Tales/Creation Myths
  • Non-fiction text – mixed genre
  • Poetry
  • SATS revision



  • Sing up
  • Ancient Mayan Instruments
  • Music of the Maya


  • Healthy Life Styles



  • patterns and printing
  • Pottery – vases, pots and animals
  • paintings of Henri Rousseau


  • Sketch up
  • Presentation – The Maya
  • Written booklet – The Maya/Rainforests



  • Creation stories


  • weaving
  • Food from the rainforest

PE: Rugby, football, dodge ball                      PE is on a Friday afternoon: indoor and outdoor kit please          Homework due back by Wednesday please

week ending 18.11.16:


Must:  I can multiply by 0, by 1 and I can multiply 3 small numbers together (e.g. 2 x 3 x 4).    18.11.16    

Should: I can multiply 3- or 4-digit numbers by a single digit using a formal written method (e.g. 534 x 4 = ?  or 5342 x 3 = ?)

Could: I can multiply a 4-digit number by a two digit number using a formal written method (e.g. 4352 x 23 = ?)



Must: I can complete the similes given.                                                                                     

Should: I can write similes in response to an image.

Could: I can write similes and/or metaphors in response to an image.



week ending 21.10.16:


Children to continue to practise their times tables and use Maths Whizz and Mathletics.


Children to learn and practise their Y3/4 or Y5/6 spellings as appropriate (see grids below). Pupils should now be able to read, spell and understand the meaning of all words in Wall A for their year group; they should use a dictionary or an on-line dictionary to find out the meaning of any unfamiliar words. 


week ending 14.10.16:


Must:  I can read, write, order and compare whole numbers and decimals up to 1 decimal place.

Should: I can read, write, order and compare whole numbers and decimals up to 2 decimal places.

Could: I can read, write, order and compare whole numbers and decimals up to 3 decimal places.


Must: I can write a list of up to 10 pairs of homophones.                            

Should: I can write sentences for 10 pairs of homophones.

Could: I can write an interesting story containing at least 10 different pairs of homophones.


week ending 7.10.16:


Must:  I can round 3-digit numbers to 10 and 100.                                                      

Should: I can round 3- and 4-digit numbers to 10, 100 and 1000.

Could: I can round any number up to 1,000,000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000.     


Must: I can draw or print a picture of an animal that lives in the South American rainforest and write down at least 5 facts about it.     

Should: I can draw or print a picture of an animal that lives in the South American rainforest and write a short descriptive passage about what it looks like and how it moves.

Could: I can draw or print a picture of an animal that lives in the South American rainforest and write a short descriptive passage about it describing its appearance and behaviour.




week ending 30.9.16:


Must: I can find out about Carl Linnaeus who classified animals into different groups.    

Should: I can find out about Carl Linnaeus and the classification system he developed.

Could: I can find out about Carl Linnaeus and the classification he system developed and discuss why it is so important.


Must: I can find out about Roman numerals.                                                                         

Should: I can find out about and use Roman numerals.

Could: I can research and use Roman numerals and explain how they differ from the number system we use today.


week ending 23.9.16


Must: I can write sentences in the present and past tense and underline the verbs.                   

Should: I can write sentences in the present and past tense including the progressive form and underline the verbs.

Could: I can write sentences in the present and past tense including the progressive and perfect forms and underline the verbs. 


Must:  I can count backwards through zero to include negative numbers.                           

Should: I can read negative numbers in context and count forwards and backwards through zero, using a number line if necessary.

Could: I can use negative numbers in context, and calculate intervals across zero.


week ending 16.9.16


Must:  I can partition 3- and 4-digit numbers and identify what each digit represents.   

Should: I can order and partition numbers up to 7-digits and identify what each digit represents.    

Could: I can partition, read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10, 000, 000.


Must: I can write a character description for someone I know well.            

Should: I can write a character description for a person that I respect.

Could: I can write a character description for a person that I respect and explain what it is that I admire about them.


week ending 9.9.16

Must: I can write and illustrate a report about my family.                                                              

Should: I can write a report about my family.  I will use subheadings and paragraphs help me to organise my writing.     

Could: I can write a report about my family that includes an introduction and a short conclusion. I will use subheadings and paragraphs help me to organise my writing.


Years 5/6 Wall A:























































Years 3/4 Wall A:







































































Week beginning 18th July:

A quieter week for Rowan class. Year 6 were at Hilltop in Norfolk on a residential visit with the other Year 6 classes from the DLPT; Mrs Whiting and Miss Orakci  accompanied them. They were very lucky with the weather. The children enjoyed a wide range of team team building games and activities including: archery; wall climbing; crate stacking; power jumping and the zip wire!  Back in the classroom we were busy investigating what types of materials made good conductors of electricity and which did not. The children designed their own investigations, selected the materials and collected their own data. They concluded that the best conductors were metal. Materials like plastic and wood didn't conduct electricity and so they were good insulators. 



Year 6 at Hilltop:

Week beginning 11th of July:

Wow! What a busy week... Year 6 last week at KPA cool


The week started with a 9.30 a.m. dress rehearsal for the End of Term production 'Cinderella Rockerfella'. The cast were ready - an amazing feet given we'd only started practising the production the week before and year 6 had two transition days; but we were dealing with professionals here. Lines were learnt, costumes sourced and the singers were in good voice. This was a whole school performance and everyone was involved - it was an 'all hands on deck' production. The dress rehearsal and further matinees and evening performances went brilliantly our 'bakers' would have given The Great British Bake Off a real run for their money - lots of mixture stealing and flour flicking. Buttons kept everyone informed and her talking dog kept an eye on the Fairy Nastyboots and her naughty cat. Of course, the story had a happy ending, Cinderella - in a beautiful blue dress - finally met the man of her dreams and the Fairy Godmother promised the Ugly Sisters a makeover (the boys looked nervous at this point!) The Fairy Brigade earned their wings and the audience clapped. A fabulous performance everyone.  A huge thanks to everyone who lent a hand; not forgetting the PTA who supplied the much needed refreshments. Thank you!


A few photos from the performance - lots more on our Facebook pages and in the Gallery section.





Week beginning 27th of June:

Another busy week for Rowan class. In English we explored the Shaun Tan book 'The Red Tree' further. We began the week with a Philosophy for Children session (P4C). Initially children worked in their Kagan groups to share their ideas and to think of some questions they'd like to ask the author and that they thought the text raised. Their initial questions were very literal and based on the text for example 'Why are there no capital letters in your book?' but as the session progressed the children found themselves discussing the ethics of documenting your childhood in a book, faith and happiness asking questions such as 'Do you need to have faith to be truly happy?' The children found the session thought provoking and felt it had given them much greater insight into the text. Some of this work is on display in the hall. Have a look the next time you are in school. On Tuesday it was 'Transition Day'. Year 6 played team building games outside with Miss Webb whilst children in other year groups 'moved up' for the morning. Year 4 and 5 stayed where they were but became Year 5 and 6 and we welcome Year 3 from Oak class as the new Year 4.  During the children drew self-portraits of themselves and a speech bubble giving details of themselves and their aspirations for the new academic year. These will form a display outside the classroom in September to welcome the children back to school and to Rowan class. On Thursday, Chris and Grace from Rowan joined team members James and Olivia from Oak to take part in the final of the Cambridgeshire School Games competition and.... they were Bronze finalists (3/200 schools!) Well done team KPA - a huge achievement for our small school. Further success followed on Friday when our Year 5/6 Maths team WON the Longsands' 2016 Maths challenge another great achievement for our small school. What a week !! smiley


Children sharing ideas and deciding on their initial questions for their P4C session on 'The Red Tree'



Well done team KPA - Bronze finalists Cambridgeshire School Games smiley


Well done team KPA - Longsands Maths Challenge Winners 2016 smiley


2016 Longsands' Maths Challenge Winners - Well done team KPA





Week beginning 20th of June 2016:

This week in literacy Rowan class started to study 'The Red Tree' by Shaun Tan.  The book is based on images inspired by the experience of depression. The main character is a lonely red-haired girl. The children predicted what the book would be about by looking at a single image taken from the book and had to justify their opinions using evidence from the sparse text. They went on to produce a list of synonyms for 'sad' and in their Kagan groups rank them according to the intensity of feeling they represented e.g. sad to wretched. They then used these synonyms to write sentences explaining how the main character is feeling. Rowan class used drama to explore the text further, in particular 'conscience alley' to help the main character to decide how to overcome her sadness. At the beginning of the week Year 4 & 5 revisited place value. Children represented numbers in different ways including in words. They went on to investigate symmetry and to complete symmetric patterns and shapes. Year 6 continued with their Y7 transition work on spirals. In PSHE we were continuing our work on Democracy. After a special European Referendum assembly and a lively classroom debate the results of the ballot in Rowan class were 73% in favour of Remain and 27% wanted Britain to leave the EU. In topic, the class were researching theatre in Ancient Greece.


Children using 'conscience alley' drama technique to advise the red-haired girl in the book 'The Red Tree' on what she should do:





Week beginning 16th May:

SATS are over! smiley


Year 4 went to Grafham on a residential visit; Mrs Duncan went with them.


Year 4 had a fantastic time in Grafham. On Monday we had the high ropes and the climbing wall. Year 4 were really brave. Some children even made it to the top of the climbing wall! In the evening the children enjoyed the 'Grafham Challenge' - where they had to walk, blindfolded, through the woods with only a rope and each other as a guide. Children had to feel their way along the rope and give instruction to those behind. Along the way the 'naughty squirrels' dropped unmentionable things onto their heads (water mainly)- it was so disgusting! The children loved it and they got soooo dirty. Sorry folks! After that there was just enough time for some orienteering and then it was time for hot chocolate and bed. Most of the children  slept well though one or two still had the tickly cough that's been going round.


Next day it was up bright and early for a mega breakfast. Before heading off to Grafham water for a session on the water in the Canadian canoes. The children learned how to paddle a canoe and attach rafting planks. Then they had some team games on the pontoon before paddling to the 'beach' for a quick picnic. After lunch it was archery and bush craft. The children practised their skills with a bow and arrow before learning how to work as a team to erect a shelter and light a camp fire.


Last day. After a hearty breakfast the children donned their wet suits before going back to the lake for a raft building session. The wet suits were handy as it was absolutely pouring! This didn't stop the children from having a fantastic time - they got really wet anyway. After a hot shower and lunch it was time to head home... everyone had really challenged themselves, made lots of new friends and had a great time.smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

SATS WEEK:  Monday 9th - Thursday 12th of May.


Monday:          Reading paper (9.00 - 10.00 a.m.)

Tuesday:         Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Short answer paper (9.15 - 10.00 a.m.)

                            Spelling paper (10.35 - 10.50 a.m.)

Wednesday:        Arithmetic paper  (9.15 - 9.45 a.m.)

                             Reasoning paper 1 (10.35 - 11.15 a.m.)

Thursday:            Reasoning paper 2 (9.15 - 9.55 a.m.)

Friday:                NO SATSsmiley

SATs Breakfasts - Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May @ 8.15 a.m. In Hazel.


Monday: Hash browns,sausages & beans; cereals; toast & fruit juice.


Tuesday: Pastries, croissants & jam; cereals; toast & fruit juice.


Wednesday: Bacon 'butty', cereals; toast & fruit juice.


Thursday: Waffles & syrup/jam; cereals; toast & fruit juice.

Week beginning 9th of May Homework Year 4 + 5 - Thank you for all your fantastic letters! You have persuaded me... see my reply in your homework book!!


Forgotten to take your book home? See letter below.


                                                                                                                Kimbolton Primary Academy,



                                                                                                                PE28 0HY.

                                                                                                                Friday, 6th of May 2016.



Dear Year 4 and 5 pupils,

Thank you for all your excellent persuasive letters on the subject of homework.  I have considered all of your arguments carefully.


Firstly, you’re right – children can learn in lots of different ways – especially when they’re outside in the sunshine.


Secondly, it’s a great idea to get as much exercise as possible; cycling, walking and swimming are really good fun too.


Finally, new experiences are important in children’s development: they broaden the mind and give you lots to talk/write about.


With that in mind… I have decided that (for this week only) your homework is to:

  • be out in the sunshine (with a hat and sun cream)
  • ask your family if you can go for a walk/bike ride or swim
  • eat a large ice cream (or lolly)… a flavour you don’t normally choose (optional)

and have a lovely weekend with your family.


Yours faithfully,



Mrs Duncan


Homework - Week beginning 25th of April due in Wednesday 4th of May.


Must: I can show that I can add and subtract fractions.   

Could: I can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.



Must: I can write a letter to persuade Mrs Duncan to NOT give us homework.       

Could: I can write a letter to persuade children to do their homework, neatly and on time.




Welcome back everyone - a busy term ahead! A curriculum plan for the Summer Term is shown below. If you have any Greek artefacts, souvenirs or books that we could borrow for our display  we'd be most grateful. Please make sure any items sent in to school are named. smiley

Medium Term Planning Overview  -  Rowan Class Y4/5/6   Summer 2016



  • Levers, Gears and Pulleys
  • Electricity


  • Lives of the Rich and Poor in ancient Greece


  • Famous Greeks through time.


  • Development of Democracy


  • The Olympics



  • Greece – modern Greece
  • The Greek Empire
  • Europe
  • Map reading


  • Y 4/5/6 Spring Term National Curriculum including:
  • Angles
  • Shape & Measure
  • Measure – volume and capacity
  • Graphing
  • SATS revision

Greece – ancient and modern








  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Persuasive writing
  • Formal vs Informal language
  • Debate/Drama
  • SATS revision



  • Sing up
  • Greece folk music and instruments
  • Composing-  music for advertisements


  • Rules, Rights and Democracy
  • Sex & Relationships (Y6)


  • Greek Pottery/masks
  • Iconography


  • eSafety
  • Advertisements
  • Research Investigations





  • Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Hellenism



  • Levers, Gears and Pulleys
  • Greek inventions – e.g.
  • Archimedes’  screw

PE: Swimming; Athletics;  Cricket & Tennis

Welcome back - Spring is here!


This term our topic is a Local Area Study of Kimbolton. Some of the things we hope to do are outlined in the curriculum map below.

Medium Term Planning Overview  -  Rowan Class Y5/6



  • States of Matter
  • The Water Cycle
  • Global Warming
  • Renewable Energy
  • Habitats



  • Kimbolton and the local area through time
  • Famous residents


Ø Naming and locating countries, counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and their physical characteristics, key topographical features (including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers), land-use and how some of these aspects have changed over time

Ø Rivers

Ø Map reading


  • Y 4/5/6 Spring Term National Curriculum including:
  • algebra and sequences
  • Roman numerals
  • Time
  • Long multiplication and division
  • SATS revision

Local area study – Kimbolton





  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi novel - Floodland
  • Newspaper reports
  • SATS revision



  • Young voices
  • Sing up


  • Sex and Relationships
  • Rights and Responsibilities



  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi novel - Floodland
  • Newspaper reports
  • SATS revision



  • eSafety
  • Sketch up





  • Local churches and their role in the community
  • Ely Cathedral


  • Boat building


PE: Netball; Invasion sports including: football, dodge ball and rugby

Week ending 16.10.15


Rowan class welcomed two magistrates into school today.  The visitors, who were representing 'Magistrates in the Community', told the children about their work, discussed law and order in modern Britain and considered the effect of a criminal record on life choices in the future.  We were very proud of all the children and their sensible questions. 

This term we are studying World War 1 and 2


Medium Term Planning Overview  -  Rowan Class Y4/5/6



  • Forces –gravity, friction, air resistance
  • Electricity – basic circuitry


  • Events leading up to WWI and WWII
  • Life in wartime Britain
  • Battle of Britain
  • D-Day
  • Evacuation & Rationing
  • The Blitz


  • Naming and locating countries, counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and their physical characteristics – cities affected by bombing in WWII; Europe and the Eastern and Western front. Countries involved in WWI and WWII.


  • Autumn Term from the New Curriculum  (2014)
  • place value


  • geometry
  • measuring
  • problem solving
  • number
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying& dividing






      World War I and II




  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Historical Novel – Goodnight Mr Tom
  • Diary of Anne Frank
  • Play scripts -  The War horse
  • Newspaper reports
  • Guided Reading


  • Musical Notation
  • Wartime songs (Sing Up)



  • Getting along together
  • ‘One Boy’ – War Graves Commission





  • World War 1 & 2 War Artists





  • ACE – e-safety
  • Commuter aided design (CAD) of houses and shelters



  • Judaism


  • Anderson shelters
  • Motorised vehicles


PE: Outdoor – Rugby – Friday pm

As part of their topic, Rowan class will be visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. We will be visiting Duxford on the 16th of November to learn more about the Battle of Britain.

As part of their topic, Rowan class will be visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. We will be visiting Duxford on the 16th of November to learn more about the Battle of Britain. 1




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