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All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018


Ash and Oak had an exciting visit from All Stars Cricket this morning. They shared an assembly with us, challenged the teachers and then provided taster sessions for both classes. All Stars Cricket is a new initiative from the England and Wales Cricket Board aimed at providing children aged five to eight with a great first experience in cricket. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were so engaged! You can find out more information on their website:

Our local centre is the Kimbolton Cricket club and the next course starts on the 18th May. I hope some of you will take up this opportunity and I would love to hear all about it if your children go!

You can find the Kimbolton page here:…/86c3d5f9-6989-4ef6-93ed-6a99810a…

All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018

All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 1
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 2
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 3
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 4
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 5
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 6
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 7
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 8
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 9
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 10
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 11
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 12
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 13
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 14
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 15
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 16
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 17
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 18
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 19
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 20
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 21
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 22
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 23
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 24
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 25
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 26
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 27
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 28
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 29
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 30
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 31
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 32
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 33
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 34
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 35
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 36
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 37
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 38
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 39
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 40
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 41
All Stars Cricket- 16th April 2018 42

PE in Ash Class- 27th February 2018

PE in Ash Class- 27th February 2018 1
PE in Ash Class- 27th February 2018 2
PE in Ash Class- 27th February 2018 3
PE in Ash Class- 27th February 2018 4
PE in Ash Class- 27th February 2018 5

Rowan- Kurling- Feb 2018


Rowan had the opportunity to learn some kurling skills in PE. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience! 


Sports Crew Interview – Ash

What’s your favourite sport?

Hannah: Swimming

Archie:  Football and Cricket

Rosie: Gymnastics

Zak: Football and Tennis

Do you do any sports outside of school?

Hannah: Swimming

Archie: Cricket

Zak: Football

Are there any sports you’d like to get more involved in?

Rosie: Gymnastics

Zak: Football

Are there any sports you don’t enjoy?

Hannah: Football

Rosie: Football

Zak: Gymnastics and Dance

Year 3 DLPT Sports Event


Year 3 worked hard at the DLPT sports event this morning. KPA worked well as a team with Great Staughton Primary Academy playing netball, dodgeball and football. We came 2nd!! We are so proud of their hard work, determination and teamwork. 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Year 4 DLPT Sports Event


Year 4 took part in a DLPT competition against the other schools in the Trust. We made a joint team with Great Staughton Primary Academy. We had a great time playing dodgeball, football and netball. Despite coming joint 4th with Winhills, the children showed great determination and perseverance. Miss Orakci said 'I am very proud of their mindset and behaviour today.' Well done year 4!

Year 5 DLPT Event


The year 5 children from GSPA and KPA attended the year 5 DLPT sports event at Winhills School today. The event was also attended by teams from Winhills, Middlefield and Round House schools and all of the children competed in dodge ball, netball and football matches. It was such a close competion! There were 5 placings available - our team came 3rd, but they were only 1 point behind the two teams that tied in 1st place! It was so good to see all of the children taking part and having fun; they showed great teamwork and determination as well as respect for the other teams. A huge WELL DONE to the children of both schools.


Year 6 DLPT Event


Congratulations year 6 who won the DLPT Sports Event today!!

Year 6 at Great Staughton and KPA joined forces this morning to take part in netball, football and dodgeball against Roundhouse, Middlefield and Winhills schools.

They showed excellent determination and team spirit! Well done!!



Hunts SSP Tag Rugby Competition


We took a team of 11 children to the tag-rugby competition at Hinchingbrooke School. We had fantastic weather and a total of 14 schools turned out to compete. Our team played 6 matches in pool A, loosing only 1, drawing 1 and winning 4!!

This put us through to compete for 1st or second place against Spaldwick school. After a very tough match against some very experienced players we lost 7-3, leaving us in second place out of the 14 schools! This is a huge achievement! Congratulations KPA!!


A big thank you to Mrs Marriott from Hunts SSP who helped train our team and to Mr and Mrs Bargh and Mr and Mrs Oldfield for helping transport our team and cheering them on at the side line. 




Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017

Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 1
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 2
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 3
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 4
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 5
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 6
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 7
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 8
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 9
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 10
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 11
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 12
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 13
Tag Rugby Photos- 1st November 2017 14

Change for Life Lunchtime Club

Change for Life Lunchtime Club 1
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 2
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 3
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 4
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 5
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 6
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 7
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 8
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 9
Change for Life Lunchtime Club 10

Meet the Sports Crew 2017-2018

Meet our new KPA Sports Crew for the new academic year- Christopher, James, Grace, Willow, Maddie, Emilie and Amelie. 

Look out for them around school as they help promote sport, healthy lifestyles, clubs and lunchtime activities in school!


Autumn Term Sports Clubs



Lunchtime: years 4-6 Football Club

After school: Gymnastics



Lunchtime: years 1-3 Football Club

After school: Hunts SSP Tag Rugby Club



Lunchtime: Change for Life

After school: Fun and Fitness



After school: Invasion/Team Games



Please speak to the office if your child would like to join one of our sports clubs.




Press release

29th September 2017

Kimbolton Primary Academy is thrilled to receive Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment


Pupils and staff from Kimbolton Primary Academy are celebrating after being awarded a Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment pack.

The pack contains new footballs, cones, bean bags, pop up goals, hoops, numbers spots, lettered spots, numbered cones, sponge dice, bibs for two teams, a bag pump, whistle and equipment bag which will help enhance PE lessons, sports and clubs and our new lunchtime Change for Life club which is starting next Wednesday.


The Kit and Equipment Scheme forms part of the Premier League Primary Stars offer to primary schools in England and Wales. This is a curriculum-linked education programme that uses the appeal of the Premier League and its clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.


Delivered by the Football Foundation, the Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment Scheme gives teachers a range of equipment that can be used across different curriculum areas to get children active.


Mathematician Rachel Riley and children’s authors Cressida Cowell and Dan Freedman also helped to create the teaching packs, which use real life sport examples to put lessons into a relevant and engaging context for children.


Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League and Football Foundation Trustee, said: “Congratulations to Kimbolton Primary Academy on their successful application for a Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment pack. We hope this kit, coupled with the free downloadable online resources, will help teachers harness the popularity of football to inspire primary school kids in everything from Maths and English to teamwork and sport.”


Miss Bleakley, Subject Leader at KPA said: “I hope the Premier League sports equipment will help add to our successes in PE and sport at KPA and help inspire the children to stay active and live healthy lifestyles. We offer a wide range of sports clubs and activities and the equipment we have received will help support and grow this further!’




Watch this space for upcoming sports events for the 2017-2018 academic year!

Sports day- 10th July 2017


On Monday 10th July KPA had a wonderful sports day. The morning began with KS1 and KS2 taking part in a circuit of multi-skills activities. KS1 had to balance a beanbag, throw beanbags into a hoop and do a standing long jump. KS2 took part in a slalom relay race, shot put and a standing long jump. The second half of the morning was spent on the track- with all children taking part in a range of races such as sprints, relays and ball games. 


The children all showed many of the school games values of self-belief, respect, passion, determination and honesty.


The points for our three houses was so close all through the morning, with Montagu just taking the lead at the end of the session. A big well done to all those who took part, KPA staff for helping guide the children and man different stations and also parents for coming and supporting! 



We did it! 


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the Gold School Games Mark Award for the 2016/17 academic year!


The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.


Our sporting achievements this year include taking part in rugby, gymnastics, athleticsand tennis competitions, sports day, a visit by Alistair Patrick Heselton- GB paralympic athlete, and lots of taster sessions by local sports clubs. We have also been involved in inter-school competitions within the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust.


With a huge percentage of our school competing in local inter-school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible.


As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.

A special thanks to the children for being so enthusiastic, Hunts SSP for all their support and guidance, Janine Griffiths for her wonderful sports clubs and taking children to sports events, parents for encouraging the children to take part and for cheering them on from the side lines and to Miss Orakci and Mrs Duncan for releasing their children to they could take part! 


We look forward to applying once again in 2018!


Tennis County Final- 29th June 2017

Our KPA tennis team went to the school games county tennis finals yesterday. After an exciting opening ceremony and meeting Olympic medalist Heather Fell we went on to Huntingdon Tennis club to play against the best teams in the county. The team played 16 really tough matches, winning 4 matches in total. This really was a challenge! The children developed great determination and sportsmanship. They also made great new friends with some other local schools. 

Well done to Jasper, Riley, Jessica and Olivia! 

A big thank you to Mrs Griffiths for helping train our tennis team and parents who came to support.


Dance Taster Sessions- 27th June 2017


Linda Allen came to KPA on Tuesday to treat the children to a ballet and modern dance taster session. She spent 45 minutes with each class and taught them some basic dance skills as well as a short routine. She spoke about ballet shoes and the dedication required to be a professional dancer.


The children had a wonderful time and we hope some of them will take up dance outside of school too!


If you would like any more information you can find some leaflets for Linda's dance school at the school office. 



Paralympic Athlete Visit- Alistair-Patrick Heselton


Paralympic footballer Alistair-Patrick Heselton will be in school on Wednesday afternoon. He will be coaching the children through a carousel of activities before delivering an inspirational assembly. Please sponsor your child a few pennies to take part in this exciting event. Any money raised will help support our Olympic athletes but will also go towards some new sports equipment for our school.

This is a very exciting event for our school and we know it will be a wonderful experience for the children!


Mini-Tennis Semi-Finals- 9th June 2017


A huge congratulations to the Tennis team who won first place at the tennis semi-finals today! They won 8 out of the 12 matches that they played. They demonstrated great sportsmanship, determination and enthusiasm! Well done!

This means they are now through to the county finals at the end of June! Congratulations!

Thank you to parents who came and supported our team!!


Tennis Competition- results!


Congratulation to all of the 20 teams from across the Hunts SSP who recently competed in a FUN Year 3 -4 Mini Tennis Tournament at Huntingdon Tennis Club. This event is for children who are new to the game of tennis and is a great opportunity for them to develop their skills and confidence in the game of tennis.


Kimbolton Primary Academy will go on to play again in the next round on the 9th June!! Watch this space!!




Morning competition
Afternoon Competition
Godmanchester Community Academy
 Great Gidding Primary School
Runners Up
Kimbolton Primary Academy
  Westfield Junior School
3rd place
Little Paxton Primary School
Ramsey Junior Primary School
4th place
Bushmead Primary School
Houghton Primary School
5th place
St. Johns Primary School
St. Helens Primary School
6th place
Great Paxton Primary School

Tennis Competition- 23rd May 2017


Huge well done to the KPA tennis team. We played 16 matches and won 12 of them. Finishing second and into the knock out stages to qualify for Level 3 competition, the children got better after every game and were very gracious winners and did not give up even when they were losing. Very proud of them and thank you to James for being their warm up coach. 
So parents of the team, keep on training!


Oak Class PE- 20th May 2017


In PE, we have been doing some gymnastics. We tried out different ways of travelling across the room and worked individually as well as in groups using our bodies to create shapes. 


Year 5/6 DLPT Sports Competition- 15th May 2017


 Years 5 and 6 put on a fabulous performance in athletics, rounders and dodge ball at the DLPT Sports competition which took place at Winhills today. Well done to all the children who took part but also to parents who help transport and cheer on our team. 


Sports Blog update- 5th May 2017


All clubs in school started this week. The children have enjoyed taking part in some new activities. This term's clubs are as follows:

Monday- Striking and Fielding.

Wednesday- Active Outdoorsy.

Thursday- Tennis and Table Tennis.


Oak class have also started swimming lessons this term. Rowan class are looking forward to starting their swimming lessons soon!


Rowan have started Cricket this term with Mr Hayward. They are enjoying learning key skills. Oscar said ‘it’s cool. I like it!.’


Ash Class have been practising yoga to help improve their balance, agility and coordination skills. Charlie said ‘I really like yoga. I like doing hard stretches like putting my feet on my head!’

21st April 2017- The Results are In!


The final results of the Cambridgeshire Primary Schools’ Cross-Country Relay Championships are in!! In the girls championship, 109 teams took part - our GSPA girls came 10th in the Small Schools competition. 137 teams took part in the boys championship and our GSPA/KPA boys came 4th in the Small Schools competition. I am so very, very proud of both of our teams - the athletes should be very proud of themselves too. A huge thank you to all the parents and friends who transported the children to the event and supported the teams around the course. I can't wait for the athletics season to begin!


Mrs Bullimore

The Cambridgeshire Primary Schools’ Cross-Country Relay Championships- 19th April 2017


The Cambridgeshire Primary Schools’ Cross-Country Relay Championships took place yesterday afternoon at Priory Park in St Neots. The event, which is one of the largest of its kind in the country, was attended by 70 schools from across Cambridgeshire. We took a team of 4 girls from Great Staughton and a joint boys team with KPA. I have to say, that I think this was one of the most exciting Cross Country Championships that I have ever attended (and I have attended many!) Our children were outstanding! Their commitment to the event and their teamwork, which was so evident yesterday, was inspirational. All of our athletes gave 100% - I think that they even surprised themselves. Perhaps the best part of the afternoon was looking at the smiles of the children as they finished their lap – they then continued to run around with their other team mates offering encouragement. It was such a pleasure to accompany the teams and I look forward to receiving the final results.


Mrs Bullimore


Friday 31st March 2017- British Heart Foundation Big Skip


On Friday 31st March the whole school took part in a 'Big Skip' for the British Heart Foundation. The KPA Sports Crew led the afternoon. They demonstrated some skipping skills to the rest of the school and taught some of the younger children how to skip. The children enjoyed using the large skipping ropes to play skipping games and had a go at some double tricks! The afternoon was a wonderful success and was made even more so by the generous sponsorship collected by the children! Thank you to all those who took part or donated and to the Sports Crew for helping to organise the event!


Big Skip Video

Still image for this video

16th March 2017

Ash Class have been building on their fndamental movement skills. This week we explored balance by using the gymnastics equipment. We found different ways of moving along benches, jumping and landing and even climbing! 



Sports Blog Update- 24th February 2017


Rowan PE- This term we have been playing benchball in teams. We have also explored some other games such as netball and basket ball.


Oak Class PE- This term Oak class have continued with their street dance lessons. 


Ash Class PE-This term Ash Class have started to learn to street dance with Trust teacher Miss Johnson. they are also continuing to develop their fundamental movement skills. 


Sports Crew Assembly- The Sports Crew will be holding a whole school assembly on Friday 3rd March. They will be speaking to the rest of the school about their role in the sports crew, the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and how to get involved in sport at KPA. 

Rowan Street Dance- February 2017

Still image for this video

Rowan Street Dance- February 2017

Still image for this video

Rowan Street Dance- February 2017

Still image for this video

Sports Crew Update- 10th February 2017


Watch this space for a Sports Crew assembly!


Sport in Rowan

Children in Rowan have finished their street dance lessons. They finished off the term with a class street dance competition. They were given just one week to rehearse before performing their dances to the judges. Miss Harris and Miss Johnson judged the dances, giving scores out of 10. 

Rowan have also been learning to play tag rugby and dodge ball. They finished the half term with two min-tournaments, using the skills they have learnt this half term.

Sport in Oak Class

Oak class have continued their street dance lessons this term. They finished the series of lesson with a competition. they were put into small groups and were given time to make up their own dances. They then performed their dances and the judges gave scores out of 10! The children really enjoyed learning to street dance. 

Sport in Ash Class
This term Ash Class have been exploring fundamental movement. They finished the term with a mini-festival of activities to put their new skills to the test. The children worked well together and learnt how to throw, catch, roll and move safely.


Gymnastics Leaders
The role of a gymnastics leader is to demonstrate to a small group of KS1 children how to safely do moves. A gymnastic leader also ensures the equipment is set out safely and that there are enough safety mats. The younger children enjoy having some 1:1 support. Gymnastics club has gone from strength to strength this term as more KS1 children have been joining. 


Invasion Game Club

In the invasion games club we have been learning how to warm up safely and then play team games. We have been developing skills with a partner. Over the past two weeks we have been playing a game similar to dodgeball. However we have added jails to make it more difficult. 






Ash Class curling session- 2nd February 2017


On Thursday morning during PE Ash Class had a fantastic curling lesson. Over this half term they have continued to develop their fundamental movement skills and they were put to the test in this session. They children were split into teams and each took turns to hit the target! Thank you to Miss Howell for a wonderful lesson!

Sports Crew update: 27th January 2017


Sport in Rowan

Rowan have continued learning how to play tag rugby. They have been taking part in mini-tournaments in class. They have also taken part in a dodgeball competition within school. Rowan have also been attending the Ash class gymnastics after school club as sports leaders. Their role is to support Ash class and model good gymnastics skills. 


Sport in Oak

Oak class have continued learning a street dance routine with Trust dance teacher- Miss Johnson. They are having great fun developing their dance skills. They have also been having PE lessons with Hunts SSP who have teaching key balance, agility and coordination skills. 


Sport in Ash Class

Ash class have been enhancing their balance, agility and coordination skills. They have been using the balls and bean bags to play a variety of team games. 


KPA Steel Pan Band

The KPA Steel Pan band have been rehearsing in preparation for the School Games opening ceremonies. They have entered a competition to play at the opening ceremonies and have enjoyed learning to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and When the Saints go Marching In. Watch this space for the competition results!!

Meet the Crew- KPA Sports Crew 2016-17


The KPA Sports Crew meet every two weeks. They spend time planning lunchtime activities for everyone in a bid to keep everyone active. The Sports Crew also update the sports blog and help to organise mini-tournaments within school. If you have any ideas you would like to put forward to the crew they would be grateful. You can talk to them directly or to Miss Bleakley. 


'Being in the Sports Crew means its my job to make sure everyone keeps fit and healthy.'

'The Sports Crew make sure everyone can be involved.'

'We help to promote sport at KPA.'















Gym Club Update- 16th January 2017

Today we explored different ways of travelling and turning on various body parts. The leaders did a great job of helping the younger ones and packing away the equipment. Thank you to James for being chief photographer 
There are still 4 places left for Ash class pupils to join the club. If your child would like to join then please ask the office to add them to the list.


Sports Crew Blog Update- 13th Jan 2017


Sports Crew

The KPA sports crew will be helping to promote sport in school. They will be aiming to get everyone active by organising sport and playground games at lunchtimes. These activities might include skipping, football, mini tournaments, draughts and rounders. 


KS2 sport

This term Rowan have been learning to play tag rubgy. They have been learning key skills such as passing, catching and tagging. They have enjoyed playing against each other.


Rowan and Oak have also been learning to dance with the trust dance teacher Miss Johnson. Each lesson they have warmed up, cooled down, developed new skills and moves and learnt the new part of the class routine.



School sports clubs will start next week. The children are looking forward to taking part in the sports clubs. These include football, gymnastics, fun and fitness and team games. 


Everyone Health

Everyone Health visited school on Monday 9th January. They supported Oak and Ash in making mini vegetable quiches. The children learnt different skills such as cutting, rolling, cracking eggs and baking. We hope you enjoyed eating them at home!



17th November 2016- Everyone Health

On Thursday 17th November Everyone Health visited KPA. They held a Healthy Plate session with each class in which they discussed the different food groups, what you need to stay healthy and ways of ensuring we keep our bodies healthy.

The children raced to fill the Healthy Plate and then had the opportunity to draw their own food plate. This allowed them to make comparisons between what they eat in a day and what is recommended on the Healthy Plate. This was a valuable lesson in keeping our bodies and minds healthy through the foods that we eat. 

Everyone Health also offer drop in sessions, 6 week courses and support with leading a healthy lifestyle- all of which is free to access! Their mission is to create a sustained positive impact on the health and well-being of local communities, enabling individuals to drive and sustain change. If you would like any advice or support please feel free to contact them. The details can be found on their website:


14th November 2016- Gymnastics club at KPA

We had lots of equipment out today including the wall bars. Backward rolls, balance beams, bars, dive forward rolls head stands and handstands are all improving. The children are loving it!


7th November 2016 - Year 3-4 DLPT Sports Tournament

Year 3 and 4 had a great morning at the DLPT Sports Tournament. The children worked well as a team and showed excellent communication skills. They played against the other Trust schools in Netball and Dodgeball, and also had a practical session about healthy eating. Thank you very much to the parents who helped with lifts and supported the children today. Your help is very much appreciated!



3rd November 2016- Year 5 and 6 DLPT sports tournament


Well done team KPA! Worthy winners of this term's Y5/6 DLPT tournament at Winhills today! The team played a series of football, netball and dodge ball games to win. Despite being the smallest school there, fielding the smallest team, they showed great team spirit and exemplary behaviour throughout. A great credit to our school! Many thanks to the parents who helped with transport and stayed to support. 


Hunts SSP Tag Rugby Tournament Results

On Tuesday 18th October a team of nine children from years 5 and 6 went to compete in the Hunts SSP Tag Rugby tournament at the Huntingdon Rugby Club. Despite the rainy weather the team succeeded in securing 4th place in the small schools competition. The match report can be found below:

Many congratulations to the 37 teams who took part in the Hunts School Sports Partnership Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Tournaments this week. Around 430 pupils from 'A', 'B' and 'C' teams developed their match play skills over 94 matches, for many it was their first time of playing at a community club.
The Huntingdon Rugby Club were excellent hosts and we had fine weather despite the forecast. A great time was had by all.
This event offered children an opportunity to play in a fun environment, with time to practice and develop skills such as decision making and team work, their confidence grew throughout the tournament.
Young leaders from Hinchingbrooke School and Sawtry Village College were trained by The RFU (the national governing body for Rugby) tutors to support the event and on the day community club coaches also supported match play. Overall the standard of play was excellent and players new to game progressed significantly. 
Pupil Quotes: 
“It was fantastic and fun to meet the other teams”  “It was really fun – even though we only won 1 match – I enjoyed it”
Teacher Quotes: 
“It was great to see how much our team improved over the afternoon, receiving lots of advice and help” “An excellent event, well organised with an enthusiastic atmosphere”
Please see the results table below: Congratulations to Westfields and Priory Junior Schools for coming first and second in the Larger Schools  "A" Teams and Spaldwick and Holywell CofE Primary schools for coming first and second in the  Small Schools "A" Teams.  All four schools now qualify to represent Hunts SSP in the Level 3 Spring School Games.  We wish them good luck!
Hunts SSP Year 5 & 6  Tag Rugby
Small Schools Tournament 18 October 2016
Hunts SSP Year 5 & 6  Tag Rugby
Small Schools Tournament 18 October 2016
‘A’  Teams
‘B’ Teams
1. Spaldwick Primary School
1.       Spaldwick Primary School
2. Holywell C of E Primary School
2.       Alconbury  Primary School
3. Brington Primary School
3.       Brington Primary School
4. Kimbolton Primary Academy
4.       Winhills Primary Academy
5. Alconbury Primary School     
6. Great Staughton Primary School    
7. Winhills Primary School    
8. Wyton Primary School    
9. Great Paxton Primary School (won a friendly match against winner of B Teams)    
Hunts SSP Year 5 & 6  Tag Rugby
Large Schools Tournament 18 October 2016
Hunts SSP Year 5 & 6  Tag Rugby
Large Schools Tournament 18 October 2016
Hunts SSP Year 5 & 6  Tag Rugby
Large Schools Tournament 18 October 2016
‘A’  Teams
‘B’  Teams
‘C’  Teams
1      Westfield Junior School
1 Westfield Junior School
1         Westfield Junior School
    Priory Junior School
2 Bury Primary School
2         Godmanchester Community Academy
 Houghton Primary School
3 Buckden C of E Primary School
3         Priory Junior School
   Middlefield Primary Academy
4 Priory Junior School
4         Houghton Primary School
5   Buckden C of E Primary School
5 Houghton Primary School
 Godmanchester Community Academy
6 Godmanchester Community Academy
 Thorndown Primary School
Wheatfields Primary School
The Round House Primary Academy
10 Thongsley Fields Primary School
11 Hemingford Primary School
12  Bury Primary School
13 Warboys Primary School


A big thank you to all parents and staff who supported the team by transporting them to and from the rugby ground!


Watch this space for details of the upcoming Tag Rugby Tournament on the 18th October. Our year 5 and 6 team are busy preparing to take part in the HSSP tag Rugby tournament. 







On 24th May, the tennis team went to Huntingdon Tennis Club with Mrs Griffiths.  First we had to register, then Mrs Griffiths put stickers onto al the players so we could all play. 


There were four people in the KPA team (Olivia, Grace, Chris and me, James).  We played five matches and won all of them!  We all did overhead serves and aced some of them! 


When it was results time, we were overjoyed to find out we had won the whole morning tournament!  We received some certificates and a big trophy.  We are now through to the final round where we will represent our area. 


James Griffiths (Year 3)