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Medium Term Planning Overview- Summer 2019


In science this term we will be learning about plants and the weather. We will be learning about the different parts of a plant and their functions. We will be learning to identify some local trees and flowers and will also be observing the weather and asking and answering questions about the weather.


In history this term we will be learning about a Victorian day at the seaside and will compare the features to a visit today. We will learning about the different toys, clothes and hobbies of the Victorians.   


Our topic this term is very geography based. We will be observing the weather and comparing data as well as identify things found in hot and cold places. We will also be comparing the British seaside to the seaside in St Lucia. The children will learn to use maps to identify continents and oceans.    


In maths we will be recapping and building on the foundation we have developed so far this year. Year 2 will be working on their problem solving and reasoning skills as well as ensuring they have the key skills they need to be successful in year 3. Year 1 will be securing their understanding of number, place value, position and direction and time, as well as developing their problem solving and reasoning skills. In reception we will continue to explore problems based on the children interests.

Sun, Sea and Sand


In English term we will continue to develop our reading and writing skills by exploring a range of texts. The children will be developing their spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout the term. Reception will be building on their foundations and use their phonics knowledge to write sentences in a range of contexts. We will start off the term by exploring The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and will then explore a range of poetry and fairy tales.


In music we will be listening to the sounds of different instruments and use them to create short patterns. We will create music in response to a stimulus and will learn to keep a beat.


We will continue to learn about and develop our understanding of Growth Mind set through participating in activities which will challenge our thinking. We will continue to have circle time in which we will discuss some key social and moral questions.


In art we are going to be building on the skills we have already learnt throughout the year. We will be learning to use a range of media, including the computers to create artwork. We will also be exploring the art of Andy Goldsworthy.


In computing this term we will learning to create simple algorithms using Scratch and will create a code for a programmable toy. We will be using the ipads to take photos of our artwork.  


In RE we will talk about birthdays, special celebrations and people to remember. Our discussions will include different kinds of weddings and celebrations.


In DT this term the children will have a chance to explore a range of materials and how to join them. They will design their own models, evaluate them and consider what improvements they could make.

PE: Athletics, outdoor games.

Week Commencing 15th July 2019

We have been taking part in art week in Ash class along with the rest of the school. Our focus was on Stone Age art and therefore we have been exploring cave art. While Miss Bleakley and Mrs Hartness were on home visits on Monday and Tuesday Ash class worked with Mrs Parkin to gather natural resources they might want to use to create some art work. They gathered sticks, leaves and feathers to create paint brushes and produced from fantastic artwork! On Wednesday and Thursday we continued the theme by learning about how cave people created art work using their hands. The children used sponges and their hand as a stencil to create some great cave art. We then worked together to make some large-scale cave art by spraying the children's hands over brown paper to create hand stencils! The results are great! 

We enjoyed forest school on Friday in which we recreated some natural artwork created by Andy Goldsworthy. We used natural objects, mostly leaves, to create a colourful spiral and a sunburst. It was great to see Ash class working together as a team! 

Week Commencing 1st July 2019

This week in Ash Class we have been very busy! We have continued learning about coding and have been using the computers to code to make simple games. We have also been practising our sketching skills by using different types of pencils. The children have been completing self portraits from a photo of half of their face. The results are great! Year 2 have created clay cups and saucers this week and the whole class has been painting their clay creations. We have also been learning about fishing by listening to traditional songs about fishing from around the world. We thought about the kinds of jobs that fishermen and fisherwomen would do and acted them out. We also created verbal stories about fishing based on our research from the last couple of weeks. The children created story maps for their stories today and shared them with a partner. We welcomed our new children in for another taster session on Thursday afternoon and all the children took part beautifully in PE. I am so very proud of what a great start they have made and they have all settled really well. On Friday year 2 worked with Irene to create sea puppets ready for the upcoming year 2 music festival. They used needles and thread to hand sew squid puppets! I think they found it very therapeutic and the results are amazing! This afternoon we went to forest school with Mrs Tickle who, as always, had an exciting activity planned. The children found a selection of sticks and used elastic bands and string to create picture frames in a range of shapes and sizes. It was a wonderful afternoon full of giggles! Thank you Mrs Tickle!

Please be reminded that homework projects are due into school on Tuesday 16th July. We are looking forward to seeing what the children have been up to over the last 6 weeks. If you are struggling please come and chat. The project can be completed in any format that you think is appropriate, this may include a poster, booklet, information leaflet, video, powerpoint, writing in homework books, photos, models etc. 

Happy weekend!

10th-24th June 2019 Ash Update

It's been a whirl wind of a half term so far! The weeks are flying by! We enjoyed the Father's Day lunch on the 14th June and had a lovely lunch prepared by Miss Breed. We have been welcoming our new reception children in for their transition sessions and have had two very successful afternoons so far! We were treated to a visit by PCSO Braddick on the most recent transition session. He came to talk to us about road safety and the importance of stopping, looking and listening before crossing a road with a grown up. We also got to try on some police uniform, looked in his police car and tried out the siren! It was a fab afternoon! We had a busy forest school session last week where we considered what the view of a mini-beast would be and used the ipads to take photos from a mini-beast's point of view. We have also been busy exploring and creating art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Ash Class did a fantastic job and were really focused. This week Ash Class had some visitors to school who treated them to a Shakespeare workshop. They took part in an acting session inspired by A Midsummer Summer Night's Dream. They thoroughly enjoyed it, with smiles and giggles throughout! Reception and year 1 have been making clay thumb pots this week and carefully decorating them with patterns. They worked carefully to make their pot the correct shape. The children have been using the laptops and learning how to code this week too. They learnt how to turn on the laptop, login and access the correct website. All the children managed to complete 2 coding tasks to create a simple game. It been a busy couple of weeks! I hope you all enjoy the weekend.


Miss Bleakley

Coding sessions- wc 24.06.19

Andy Goldsworthy Artwork Session

Clay pots- wc24.06.19

Shakespeare Workshop 25.06.19

Week Commencing 3rd June 2019

The week has flown by in Ash Class! In maths we have been practising dividing an amount of objects into equal groups. Year 1 have been using objects to solve simple division problems and year 2 have been applying their knowledge of multiplication and division to solve longer word problems. Reception have been enjoying practising their addition skills in the continuous provision and are particularly keen to record their work on whiteboards. In English reception and year 1 have been thinking about the past tense and changing words into the past tense by adding -ed. Year 2 have been writing poems about friendship. 

We had a fab afternoon on Wednesday when Rowan led a multi-skills festival for Ash class with the support of Mr Finlayson from HuntsSSP. The children really enjoyed it and Rowan class were great sports leaders! In RE this week we have been learning about Ramadan and Eid. The children remembered lots of key facts and recorded them in their RE books. Reception and year 1 went to find out more about mini-beast habitats in the wild garden in preparation of doing some mini-beast artwork next week. We are looking forward to seeing what the children produce! On Friday afternoon we enjoyed forest school with Mrs Tickle. We helped prepare the playground garden for some exciting changes next week! Watch this space!


Week Commencing 20th May 2019

As always we have had a very busy week in Ash Class! In English this week we have been learning about traditional tales. The children have been exploring the story of Cinderella, looking at the features of a traditional tale and then re-writing Cinderella with a different ending! In maths we have been recapping some key addition and subtraction skills with reception and some multiplication skills with year 1 and year 2. In PE this week we applied lots of the skills we have been developing over the year in an equipment based gymnastics session. 

We have also been learning about Punch and Judy at the seaside and designed and made our own puppets. We carefully considered what would make a successful puppet, put our ideas onto a planning sheet and then used our plan to build our puppets. They looked great and we had fun using them in our puppet theatre!


There was a slight mix up with spellings in year 1 this week so just to confirm, year 1 spellings for over half term are as follows: cow, now, down, our, out, house, you, your. No written homework was set. Please keep up a little Mathletics and reading. 


Have a good half term!



Week Commencing 6th May

This week in Ash Class we have been really busy learning to tell the time. We have continued to practise learning to read the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. This would also be a great skill to practise at home!

In English this week we have been writing letters to the author of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and have been thinking about questions we would like to ask them. We had a fab art session on Wednesday afternoon after we had so much rain. We went outside the explore what happens with the primary colours when we mix them. We used the puddles to mix in!

In science we went to the wild garden to explore mini-beast habitats. The children all enjoyed looking for habitats and were thinking about why the mini-beasts might like the live there. On Friday we enjoyed an extra PE session with Mr Franco who is the DLPT PE lead. He came to meet the children and taught them about balance and coordination- it was a great session! The children listened really carefully and tried out some new games.

Week Commencing the 22nd and 29th April 2019

We've had a really busy start to the term! Our new topic is 'Sun, Sea and Sand'. We've been thinking about what we would like to find out about the seaside and recorded some questions. We have also started learning about what a visit to the seaside was like in Victorians times compared to now. We learnt all about the bathing huts that are wheeled into the sea and the different types of entertainment at the seaside.

Over the last two weeks we have also been exploring The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. Some children have been writing letters, some have been writing their own stories based on the text and some have enjoyed discussing the text and it's sequels.

In maths this week year 1 have been learning how to tell the time to the hour and half past while year 2 have been recapping fractions. 

We enjoyed our final fencing session with Aidan on Monday and practised some key skills such as the correct footwork technique and how to use a foil. We had great fun!

In science this half term we are learning all about plants. We started the term by learning to identify different parts of the plant and their function. Year 2 went into more detail and learnt the parts of a flower. We then went on a hunt around the school grounds and walked to the graveyard to see what wild flowers and plants we could find. We found loads and enjoyed sketching and labelling them. 

Reception have been working really hard and have been learning to add numbers by playing a game of skittles. They have been adding up their scores as they go- great fun! They have also been joining in with lots of science over the last two weeks and really impressed us with their knowledge of plants! We have also been observing the weather over the last week and have been recording it in our weather observation booklets. 

We enjoyed a lovely mystery reader last Friday- thank you to Landon's Grandma for joining us! Still lots of space if any parents/carers would like to sign up to a slot!

Medium Term Planning Overview - Ash Class YR/ Y1/ Y2 Spring 2019


In science this term we will be learning about animals, including humans. We will learn to classify different animals, learn about their habitats and what they need to survive. We will also be learning about the human body, how we change from babies into adults and what humans need to keep healthy.


We will be exploring the life of Samuel Pepys and the impact of his diaries. We will be using his diaries to learn about the Great Fire of London. We will compare things from the past to today such as fire engines, houses and making bread. As part of our topic we will also be learning about the monarchy, British kings and queens and today’s royal family.


In geography this term we will be developing our map reading skills. We will also be exploring key towns and cities in the UK and what key facilities towns and cities need. We will also be learning about key land marks in London and how it has changed since the Great Fire of London.


In maths we follow the National Curriculum for years 1 and 2 and Development Matters for Reception. This term we will be learning about measuring length, height, weight and volume. We will also be recapping the 4 operation: multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Reception will continue to develop key number skills, learn to add and subtract and be able to measure within the continuous provision.

Fire! Fire!

The Great Fire of London


In English we follow the National Curriculum for Year 1/2 and Development Matters for Reception. We will be exploring a wide range of texts including Samuel Pepys and diary writing, newspapers and chronological reports. We will develop key grammar and punctuation skills. Reception will be working on building simple sentences, using finger spaces and developing and applying their phonics knowledge to reading and writing.


In music this term we will be using our voices to sing songs, chants and rhymes. We will be learning some new songs and nursery rhymes as well as learning to play instruments together as a group.


We will continue to learn about having a Growth Mindset and what we can do to keep a Growth Mindset. We will also be thinking about how we can support our community.


In art this term we will focus on developing key skills using colour, brush and pencil strokes. We will explore the work of Monet and recreate our own interpretations of his work.


In computing this term we will be practising and learning about e-safety. The children will be developing their coding skills using simple programs, Beebots, ipads and cameras. They will learn to store and retrieve data.


We will be exploring Judaism and Islam this term as well as exploring Christian celebrations such as Easter.


In DT this term we will learn how to make bread and will developing our cooking skills. We will also be designing, building and evaluating our own Stuart houses. We will be learning about joining methods and how to make our models stronger.

PE: Fundamental Movement: balance, agility and coordination.

Week Commencing 25th March 2019

This week we enjoyed our second archery session! We had a competition in small teams to see who could score the most points. We had improved greatly with our aim and firing at the target!

In maths this week we started learning about division. We learnt to share objects into groups or to group them into set amounts. In English we started learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have been learning to retell the story using actions and a story map. We have enjoyed watching our real caterpillars grow and grow this week and have been keeping a diary to record the changes. We enjoyed Mother's Day lunch on Friday and had good fun making our Mother's Day cards! Another busy week in Ash Class.