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Week commencing 3rd February 2020

Week commencing 3rd February 2020

This week in Ash class we have been creating paintings using different types of lines and choosing the colours we wanted to use. Our paintings have made a great display and some were even entered into a competition! We have been learning about inverse operations in maths. We now know that subtraction and addition are opposites and can use this knowledge to solve other mathematical questions. We have been working hard to improve our handwriting and both year groups have been practising their letter formation, remembering that all letters start at the top! The children enjoyed another yoga session on Monday afternoon with Mrs Hartness and are working hard on balancing and holding their positions. The children have also been working on their teamwork skills this week. They have been practising taking turns and using their words to negotiate with their peers about which toys they want to play with and whose turn it is. In English year 1 have been working hard to edit and improve sentences using adjectives and adverbs. They have been improving ‘sick’ sentences and making them more interesting. It’s been a busy week and I hope the children enjoy a rest over the weekend and come back on Monday refreshed.