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Welcome to Oak Class!


We are a mixed class of Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4! We have fun and learn together.

The adults in our room are Mrs Parkin (class teacher), Mrs Rose, and Miss Reed.

Oliver and the Seawigs - last chapter!

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Oliver and the Seawigs - last chapter Part 2!

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Chapter 10 of Oliver and the Seawigs

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Chapter 10 Part 2

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Chapter 10 Part 3.mp4

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Chapter 10 Part 4

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Chapter 10 Part 5

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Chapter 10 Part 6

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Our new topic is Ancient Egypt!



Welcome back, Oak Class! I hope you all had a lovely time with your families over Easter and that you got to eat lots of chocolate.


You can find your home learning activity grids using the link above. As well as these you should read every day, complete some Maths Whizz or Mathletics activities, and practise your times tables using the links below. I am sure you will be very busy!


I am really excited to say that our topic for Summer term is Ancient Egypt! I know lots of you are already very interested in this time in history. We will be adding Topic activities to your Home Learning grids every fortnight, but in the meantime you can do lots of extra research using any books you have at home, or, with the help of a grownup (always stay safe online), using the internet links on the Knowledge Organiser.


Happy learning, and remember, if you get stuck just ask your grownup to message the school so that we can help.


Have fun!

Mrs Parkin



Here is the Knowledge Organiser for our new topic, Ancient Egypt!



Here are some spelling words for you to learn during your first week back after Easter! Why not try using as many of them as you can in a sentence?


Year 2













Year 3















Year 4
















18.4.20 - Oliver and the Seawigs


Here is the next chapter of Oliver and the Seawigs, for anyone who wants to know what happens next!

After you have watched and listened, here are some optional extra tasks for you...

Year 2 - design and label your own amazing Sea Wig for an island! What would you add?

Year 3 - design your own Sea Wig and then write a full description. Don't forget to say where you might find each item.

Year 4 - design your own Sea Wig and write a description, adding some really good expanded noun phrases. Remember, this is where we add extra adjectives to a phrase (a small group of words), for example "the blue sea" would become "the blue, foamy, salty sea". (Don't forget that adjectives in a list need a comma!)

Chapter 4

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Mrs Parkin reads the next chapter of our class book.

Chapter 4.2.mp4

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Chapter 4.3.mp4

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Hello Oak families and I hope this week has gone well!


For pupils who can remember and enjoyed our last class book, 'Oliver and the Seawigs', there are lots of fantastic activities to try on the illustrator's website Some need a printer, but others can be done with just a paper and pen! 


If you get chance to chat together as a family, see how much of the book your child can remember. Can they explain the story so far in sequence? Who are the characters and what is the setting? Can they write down adjectives and adverbs that describe these? Have fun!


Take care everyone,

Mrs Parkin



Good morning KPA and Oak Class! Hope you had a good rest (and Happy Mother's Day) over the weekend.
I am so pleased to see so many of you busy with your learning packs already :-) When you next login to Mathletics (Year 2) or Maths Whizz (Years 3 and 4), you will also see some new tasks waiting for you there!
Following our usual spelling schedule, here are the words for this week for...


Year 2


Year 3:


Year 4 (watch out for the plurals and for the apostrophes!):


And this week's bonus challenge: who can write a single sentence using the highest number of spelling words from their list?
Good luck! I'm thinking of you all!
Mrs Parkin

Welcome to Oak Class!



Oak Class have been working really hard this week and have impressed me with some fantastic work.

In Maths, Years 3 and 4 have been getting to grips with tenths (and hundredths for Y4!) as fractions and decimals. Year 2 have been dividing shapes and quantities into quarters and thirds which we have done practically and using mental methods.

In English, we have been looking at instructional and procedural writing, and the children have each created a set of instructions for how to tie an obi (the belt which ties a traditional kimono). They impressed me with their thoroughness and determination to produce accurate, clear instructions that would really work for their audience.

In Science, we have continued with our Rocks topic and Y3 and 4 have been looking at the process that creates fossils. We have also been learning about Mary Anning, and writing about her life and discoveries!



It's been all about fractions this week for Oak, as they have worked hard to represent and identify fractions of shapes and calculate fractions of a number. Years 3 and 4 have also tackled some really tricky worded problems too!


In English we have been talking again about Suki's Kimono, our class book, and thinking about why Suki's kimono is so important to her. The children have done some lovely descriptive writing and have focused on adding words with suffixes, such as wonderful and beautiful.

Year 2 have been looking this week at the life cycle of a plant, and they are taking their responsibilities to care for their plants very seriously, watering them every day and watching for the green shoots. Years 3 and 4 have continued to learn about rocks, and this week we discovered the three ways in which rocks form naturally, to make igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rock.


Mrs Rose taught the class about traditional Willow Pattern plates and the story behind the images we see on these iconic blue and white plates. Oak have been busy creating their own beautiful designs for a Willow Pattern plate!


We have also enjoyed another session of cricket with our Chance to Shine instructor, and it's great to see Oak class develop and improve their skills each week.



We have had another busy week in Oak this week! In Maths, we have continued to look at measurement and perimeter, with Year 4 tackling area as well. Year 2 children have been putting different measurements in size order, measuring each, and learning about cm, m and mm. We have also looked at some simple shapes and added up side lengths to calculate perimeter. Year 3 have continued to convert mm to cm and back again, and they have calculated perimeter as well as recapping their column method skills to add different measurements. Year 4 have been busy calculating perimeter and area in different units of measurement, as well as tackling tricky missing number questions and working backwards to find out the length and width if we know the perimeter and area!

In English, we have been working hard on writing non-chronological reports on kimonos, something important in our class story, Suki's Kimono. The children have been using their very best handwriting and presentation skills as well as thinking about the features of factual writing, such as using paragraphs and subheadings to organise ideas. I am sure they will be able to tell you all about the history of kimonos this weekend!

Year 2 have been studying plants in their science sessions and I can see some green shoots coming through in the pots in our Exploration zone! Year 3 and 4 have begun their new topic, Rocks and Soil, and this week they completed some wonderful observational drawings of different rocks before identifying the rock type and adding name labels.

We have had another fantastic session of cricket this week and we are looking forward to another next Wednesday.

Mrs Rose has created a wonderful hot air balloon role play area in our Exploration Zone, and the children will be busy writing



Happy New Year! Oak Class have had a fantastic first week back. We have begun learning about our new topic, Home and Away, and the children made some fantastic contributions, amazing us with their knowledge about life in other countries. We have had a big Geography challenge, naming the countries of the United Kingdom, the continents of the world, and the countries of Asia. We have also been learning about the importance of Cherry Blossom (Sakura) in Japan, and the ways in which its arrival is celebrated. Pupils in Oak created some fantastic written accounts of the history and significance of Hanami (flower viewing festival) and then made beautiful printed and tissue paper flowers. Here are some pictures of Oak class in the middle of their Art lesson - looking very busy, and creating some lovely artwork!

Our curriculum overview for this term: