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Visions, Values and Ethos

We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below:


The aim of Kimbolton Primary Academy is to create a school where every child achieves the highest possible standards through a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.


Kimbolton Primary Academy is focused on transforming children’s lives and therefore life chances through a clear focus on unlocking every child’s abilities by providing the perfect balance between an excellent education, uncompromising pastoral care and the nurtured development of every individual child’s qualities.


Ensuring all children make good or better progress in reading, writing and numeracy will be one of the core purposes. All staff will consistently and energetically use the most effective methods for teaching these basic skills. High quality training, from leading experts in literacy and numeracy teaching, will equip them to do so.


Underpinning this will be:

•  outstanding day-to-day teaching, assessment and marking of children's work

•  first-rate systems for tracking, identifying and celebrating children's progress

•  an exciting, relevant and inspiring curriculum so that it meets the needs of all children

•  excellent support for every child so that all children achieve highly regardless of their background

•  outstanding, determined, resolute leadership where high expectations are communicated to all

•  strong governance where governors and senior leaders set a clear direction and provide strong leadership.