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Week commencing 16.9.19


We have had another busy week in Oak Class!


We have continued reading The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. The two main characters are now on the run from the police, following their robbery of the City Bank - and poor Dish has tripped over and cracked into pieces! The children had fun making WANTED posters to help the police catch Spoon. They also composed a diary entry together, retelling the story from Spoon's point of view. The children then started their own diary entries - and amazed Mrs Parkin by remembering the right spelling for "diary" in all their books! 


In Maths, we are still looking at place value, and the children have been working very hard counting in multiples - each year group has been focusing on a different set of number for this. This is a tricky bit of maths, but Oak have showed great determination in tackling this and drawing some fantastic number lines.


Half of Oak Class went out with Mrs Tickle this week, making scent bags in our garden area and exploring the smells of different plants! The other half stayed in the classroom and we looked at some Tudor artefacts from St. Neots Museum. They used differently-graded pencils to sketch the artefacts and record their observations. Next week we will swap over and each group will get to do the activity they haven't done yet!


Well done Oak class.


Mrs Parkin


Week commencing 9.9.19


We have had a fantastic second week back at school. We met our new PE teacher, and learned team sport skills such as dribbling a ball and following a partner. We also started our new Science topic, Living Things and their Habitats. Oak class drew their favourite living things and added labels. We also read the book we will be looking at in English this term, The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon by Mini Grey. The children worked in groups to explore the illustrations this week and came up with some fantastic ideas using their inference skills! Next week we will continue writing expanded noun phrases and using exciting vocabulary. In Maths, we have been recapping Place Value and looking at different ways to represent numbers. The children were very creative in their approach and we saw some fantastic ways to represent the number of children in our class from both our Year 3/4 group and from Year 2. Well done Oak!