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Week Commencing 30th September 2019

Week Commencing 30th September 2019

Ash class have enjoyed another PE session with Mrs Litchfield from Hunts SSP. They have been developing their ball control skills through taking part in a series of activities and games. They started by moving around the room and moving the ball around them, throwing it up and catching it and then moved on to rolling the ball across the hall and rolling the ball to a partner. The children's listening skills are really improving too and they followed all the instructions carefully! 

This week year 1 learnt about Scotland and the Loch Ness Monster. They used the facts they had found out for their homework to talk about the Loch Ness Monster and to write a simple newspaper report about it. I was really impressed with all the information that they found out using Espresso! 

We have also been looking for signs of Autumn this week. Reception gathered some leaves and made some beautiful sun catchers using the Autumn coloured leaves they had found. They worked hard to paint the frames and decorate their sun catchers. Reception have also been learning new phonics sounds this week- all the new sounds are in their phonics packs. Thank you to all those that kept them in their child's bag- it made updating them easy for you.

Some other activities this week have included designing at hat for the Queen, junk modelling London landmarks and sorting objects according to their initial sounds. 

In maths the children have been learning to compare numbers with year 1 using more than, less than and equals symbols to record which number is the biggest. Another lovely week!