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E - Safety

"Panic or no panic, the virtual world and the real world do contain risks, and children left to navigate a solo path through either, face many dangers."


Professor Tanya Byron - The Byron Review March 2009


At Kimbolton Primary Academy we take the safety of children in the real and virtual world very seriously. This year we celebrated E-Safety Day with a special assembly, follow-on work in class and a poster competition. In Ash class children learn about keeping safe through resources such as Smartie the Penguin and Hector's World. From Year 2 to Year 6 children work towards achieving bronze, silver and gold awards through the ACE (Accredited Competence in E-safety) scheme linked with their work on our school's learning platform, Starz+. ACE is a scheme for children to show that they are adopting safe behaviours and demonstrating that they are becoming digitally mature by completing a series of tasks. The tasks are organised into three levels:


  • Bronze: showing awareness of how technology keeps you safe
  • Silver: developing independence and managing a greater range of online activities
  • Gold: presenting an online identity and managing risk effectively anytime, anywhere


For more information, guidance and advice on how to help keep your children safe online please take a few moments to look through the links to useful websites below.  We particularly wish to draw your attention to the PDF document which can be downloaded which contains really useful information regarding the potential dangers of online gaming such as  Minecraft.