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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Rowan Class!


In Rowan class you'll find: 


  • Mrs Duncan  (Class Teacher)

  • Miss Harris (Teaching Assistant)

  • Mixed age class Years 4, 5 & 6: 21 pupils in total 

Week ending 16th of October

Rowan class have had another busy week. In English, the class added a discussion paragraph to finish off their non-chronological reports. Pupils then used a marking ladder to review their own and each other’s writing to ensure that they have included the key features expected of this text type. Rowan class also revised their use of homophones, particularly their, there and they’re’. In addition, pupils wrote a short ‘Ode to Autumn’ - sharing their thoughts on the season and the importance of the Harvest Festival. In Maths, Year 4 have been working on their mental maths skills, using different strategies to add and subtract mentally including: counting on, partitioning, adjusting and looking for near doubles. Year 5 practised their mental maths skills before moving on to using formal written methods to add and subtract and solve addition and subtraction problems. Meanwhile, year 6, revised mental and written methods of addition and subtraction and problem solving, before moving on to short and long multiplying by a single digit and a two-digit number. In science, we’ve learned more about the work of the taxonomists Carl Linnaeus and the classification methods he developed. In topic, we researched farming methods in China and wrote about the crops grown there and compared agricultural practices between there and the UK. This week’s assembly celebrated World Mental Health Day. As a follow-up, pupils discussed different strategies for looking after their mental health and we went on to discover, as part of our studies on Buddhism, that Buddhists use meditation to calm and focus their minds. Rowan class went on to practise meditation for themselves - see photos below. Afterwards, pupils wrote about how they felt before and after meditating- almost all said that they felt more relaxed and calm.

Week ending 9th of October

Rowan class have had a busy week. In English they finished editing the poems they wrote for National Poetry Day; the poems were written in the style of ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris. Some clips of pupils reciting their poems are shown below. Also shown below are two of the documentaries made by pupils, in the style of Sir David Attenborough, about endangered animals. Also in English, pupils finished writing the Introduction section and information paragraphs for their non-chronological reports on dragons. In maths, Rowan class have continued to work on place value, rounding and counting forwards and backwards through zero and solving problems involving negative numbers. While in science, pupils have classified animals in their local environment using branching keys and researched the scientist Carl Linnaeus. In art, pupils have continued to develop their 3D drawing skills, focusing this week, on drawing reptilian (dragon) eyes. Dragons have also featured in this week’s music lesson where pupils have used the pentatonic scale to compose short pieces of ‘dragon-inspired’ music.

Week ending 2nd October

Rowan class have had a busy week or so. We started our work on place value with some ‘human’ numbers: pupils made 4-8 digit numbers as requested and worked together to make the largest/smallest numbers they could. We also practised rounding numbers. In English, we looked at the key features of non-chronological reports and thought about how we would organise our reports on Dragons. We then used the notes we had made in our research to write paragraphs about the appearance, habitat and diet etc of dragons. In art, we practised our 3D drawing skills. See below. In topic, we learned about the geography of China and it’s near neighbours.


Week ending 18th of September

Rowan class have worked hard this week. They have completed their reading, SPAG and maths NfER tests and two pieces of independent writing for baseline assessments. Pupils have also continued with the ‘Here We Are’ unit of work: learning more about the world and their responsibilities to the natural world. They have written letters to Mr Djanogly MP to ask him to petition parliament on their behalf. Rowan class have also been learning more about endangered species and the work of Sir David Attenborough. They also enjoyed French, music and PE on Friday.


Week ending 11th of September, 2020


Rowan class have really enjoyed being back at school and meeting with their friends and it has been wonderful to have the whole class in school. Pupils started the week with a range of activities designed to help pupils get to know one another and re-establish classroom rules and routines. They also drew self-portraits and wrote about their aspirations for the year ahead.


Rowan class have really enjoyed working on Oliver Jeffers' book 'Here We Are': they have considered their own place in the world and thought about places and people that are special to them; creating images, poems and letters to celebrate what they hold dear. Pupils have also had the opportunity to share their emotions and describe their feelings about the last few months; and about being back at school.