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Year 6 Summer Term Statutory Assessments

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ROWAN CLASS 2021.2022


WB 03.05.22

This week has flown by! Year 6 have continued to work extremely hard preparing for their SATS assessments next week. In maths, Year 4 and 5 have consolidated their knowledge of all four number operations in addition to solving worded problems.

In English, Year 4 and 5 have continued to learn about the Adventures of Odysseus, writing a diary entry in role as one of Odysseus’ soldiers and composing poetry in response to his journey into the Greek underworld.

In our science sessions Year 4 explored creating electrical circuits. They realised that circuits will only work if there are no gaps or breaks in the wire, in addition to exploring the effect of adding or removing additional components. Year 5 and 6 examined fossil evidence of prehistoric creatures and acted like palaeontologists, making informed inferences about what the creatures may have been like when they were alive. They considered how fossils lend support to the theory of evolution.

In our Topic learning, we explored the effect that Alexander the Great’s empire has on the people he conquered and thought about the legacies left to us by the ancient Greeks.  

WB 25.04.22

This week Rowan have continued learning about the adventures of Odysseus by learning about the story of the Cyclops. The children practised retelling the story in their own words, in addition to writing a play script and finally rehearsing their play scripts for performance.

In Maths, Year 4 and 5 have been studying how to find the area and perimeter of 2d shapes.

Year 6 have continued to revise their previous learning in English and Maths

In Science, Year 4 have begun learning about their new topic of electricity, by listing and classifying items that use electricity. Year 5 and 6 will be studying evolution and inheritance, they started by discussing how dinosaurs became extinct while other creatures like birds survived.

In Topic, Rowan have arranged events from Ancient Greek history on a timeline and explored the geography of Ancient Greece using atlases and internet resources.

Drama- Odysseus and the Cyclops

WB 19.04.22

Welcome back to Rowan Class! We wasted no time in diving into our new topic of Ancient Greece. The children have had the opportunity to research modern day Greece, as well as pose their own questions to investigate during their learning.

In English, the children have begun work on a new text, ‘The adventures of Odysseus’. They began by organising their knowledge of Greek Mythology, creating an information poster about one of the Greek Gods and making predictions about what they think will happen later in the narrative.

In Maths, Year 4 and 5 have learned more about telling the time from analogue and digital clocks, using 12 hour and 24 hour clock, as well as converting amounts of time into different units of measurement.

Year 6 have been working extremely hard in their revision sessions, revisiting their previous learning before their SATS assessments. They have also been practising for their young voices concert at the O2 Arena next week.

In our PE learning, we have begun to learn about athletics. The children have shown fantastic independence in working in their house teams to practise long jump, howler throw and 50m sprint. They have been able to reflect on their own performance and suggest how they will get better in future. A special mention to our Year 6 pupils who were very encouraging and supportive to their classmates. Well done Rowan!


WB 14.03.22 and 21.03.22

WB 14.03.22 and WB 21.03.22

What an action-packed couple of weeks! The week beginning 14th March was British Science Week. KPA started the week with a visit from Professor Bubbleworks, who taught the children about forces and even placed them in a giant bubble! We also had several other visitors who shared their experiences related to science. In English we continued our work on Goodnight Mr Tom by researching and planning our work for a class gazette. In maths, Year 4 learned about money (focusing on decimals), Year 5 worked on fractions and Year 6 worked on units of measurement. The children took part in several creative science activities throughout the week.

The week beginning 21st March was our careers week. We had a wide range of visitors who shared their experiences of different careers, including a nurse, a scientist and an author. Rowan class reflected on the different strengths and qualities they have and what careers they might pursue in the future.

Rowan continued their work on the class gazette in their English work, drafting and editing their non-chronological reports. In Maths, Year 4 have been multiplying and dividing amounts of money, and Year 5 have been converting between percentages, decimals and fractions. Year 6 have been revisiting how to calculate the area and perimeter of a shape.

Finally, on Thursday was our class trip to Duxford air museum! The children had a wonderful time and learned so much from the exhibits and volunteers.

WB 07.03.22

WB 07.03.22

Another busy week in Rowan class! The children have all been working very hard completing their assessments in maths, reading and spelling and grammar.

In other subjects, Rowan have been continuing to learn about life during World War 2 by studying how rationing affected people’s diets. They considered what changes they might need to make to their current diet and thought about which diet would be healthier or more flavourful. As clothing was also rationed during World War 2, Rowan also started work on our ‘make do and mend’ project in DT. The children designed a product such as a small toy, pencil case or bookmark to be made out of fabric scraps and began learning to sew a running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch.

On Tuesday 8th March we celebrated international Women’s day. The children discussed how bias around gender affects everyone and took part in activities responding to their female role models.

WB 28.02.22

WB 28.02.22

What a busy week! In maths Year 6 began work on Algebra in addition to revising some test techniques for their SATs. Year 4 and 5 have begun working on decimal places; identifying their place value, ordering and finding their equivalent fractions. 

In English we have been reviewing what makes an independent clause and to recognise when to end a sentence. We also examined joining clauses using conjunctions.

In science, Year 5 and 6 have examined how the rotation of the Earth causes us to experience day and night. Year 4 planned an enquiry into the effect different drinks have on our teeth. They chose to test cola, fruit soda, orange juice, milk and water.

On Thursday we celebrated world book day! The children looked fantastic in their costumes and the day was very successful. We discussed our favourite books, and the positive impact that reading for pleasure can have on our lives. We also designed an alternate front cover for our favourite stories.

WB 21.02.22

This week in maths Rowan has been consolidating their knowledge of all four number operations, before moving on to solving multi-step word problems. Year 6 also tackled arithmetic questions they found tricky in their practice papers.

In English we wrote postcards in character as William and his mother from Goodnight Mr Tom. We then researched, planned and wrote instructions for building a wartime Anderson shelter.

In science lessons, Year 4 learned about the different types and functions of our teeth, in addition to comparing human and animal teeth. Year 5 and 6 learned how our scientific understanding of the solar system has changed over time, from a geocentric to a heliocentric model. They then made video clips about the work of scientists such as Ptolemy, Galileo and Newton.

In our PSHE learning we continued our previous learning on growth mindset. Year 4 made top trumps of people they thought showed qualities of a good learner, such as characters from books, athletes or scientists. Year 5 learned about the structure of the brain and the jobs of each part, while Year 6 compared their brains to computers and discussed the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each.

WB 07.02.22

WB 07.02.22

A very busy but productive week in Rowan class! In English we continued the story of Goodnight Mr Tom, using role on the wall to explore the characters of William and Tom and writing a diary entry in character. In Maths Year 4 and 5 consolidated all of their work on fractions, while the Year 6 children completed and analysed past SATS papers.

In topic the children learned about the Battle of Britain, before independently researching questions that were brought up in the lesson. In science, Year 4 learned about how each part of the digestive system functions, while Year 5 and 6 learned more about the planets in our solar system.

In Tuesday, the whole school took part in Safer Internet Day. Rowan class discussed how we can keep ourselves safe and behave respectfully when gaming and socialising online. We also learned about ‘fake news’ or misinformation online and explored ways we can ensure the information we read online comes from a reliable source.

Week Beginning 24.01.22

This week we concluded our English work on FArTHER and children wrote a story from a different viewpoint.  The events remained the same and they were required to add SPAG elements recently looked at into their work. 

In maths, Y4 and Y5 continued their work on fractions - looking at fractions that are greater than 1 whole.  Y6 moved to working on percentages and worked out (using links with decimals and fractions) percentages of amounts. 

 In science, we were inspired by how soldiers’ fitness was measured before enlisting to investigate our own cardiovascular health. We measured our heart rate before and after exercising, in addition to researching how our hearts work.


Week Beginning 31.01.22

This week in English we began our work on ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, by learning more about the context surrounding evacuation. We held a debate about whether evacuation was the right choice, wrote a letter home in role and used drama to explore how people must have felt in similar situations.

In maths Year 4 subtracted fractions and began to find fractions of amounts. Year 5 worked on multiplying fractions and finding fractions of quantities. Year 6 began finding and simplifying ratios.  

In science Rowan began our new topics- Year 4 will be studying the human digestive system, while Year 5 and 6 will learn about earth and space. In Topic, we began to learn about the causes of the second world war. 

Finally, this week was world storytelling week. Rowan took some time to practise telling familiar stories out loud!

Science Learning 20.01.22

Week Beginning 17th January 2022

In Maths this week, Rowan continued consolidating our knowledge of fractions. Year 4 consolidated their knowledge of equivalent fractions before moving on to work with fractions greater than 1 whole. Year 5 consolidated comparing and ordering fractions, then worked on using improper fractions and mixed numbers. Year 6 continued learning about decimal numbers, practising multiplying and dividing decimal numbers by whole numbers.

In English, we continued our learning based on FArTHER by Graeme Baker-Smith. Rowan explored the character’s experiences by writing diary entries, dialogue and character descriptions.

In our science learning we continued our work on forces by using gears and pulleys. We experimented with using gears and pulleys in different configurations to see how this would affect the amount of force we could use.

In our topic work, rowan explored and evaluated propaganda posters used during WW1 to persuade men to join up. They identified which emotions each poster was designed to elicit, and made links to modern military recruiting adverts.

Week Beginning 10th January 2022

WB 10.01.22


What a brilliant first week back! Rowan class began this week diving into FArTHER by Graeme Baker-Smith in English. We used our inference skills to examine the characters and evidence from the txt to justify our opinions.

In Maths, Years 4 and 5 began work on fractions by identifying and comparing fractions, while Year 6 worked on using decimal numbers up to 3 places.

In Science, Rowan worked on the topic of forces. We learned that levers allow us to use a greater amount of force with less effort, and investigated the effect that moving the fulcrum would have on how effective a lever is.

On Friday we began our dance unit in PE, learning a short motif and thinking about how we could use movement to express our ideas on the topic of bullying.


During Creative Week, Rowan class took part in a wide variety of expressive activities based on our text- The Promise by Nicola Davies. We created artwork and maps, and used creative writing to examine how we can use green spaces in our local area. We also went for a walk outside of school to see how outside spaces are used in Kimbolton.

WB 13th September. Floodland! Our new text is Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. Rowan class have really enjoyed diving into the story in our English lessons.

"I liked the first two chapters because she was running away from marauding gangs. I also liked that she was hiding a boat in a shed. I like the adventure in the book." Zak Year 4.


"I quite like the book so far, because it seems to be quite a mystery. Also it looks a lot like there is some sadness in the story. Zoe acts like she's not scared, but she's nervous deep down." Rosie Year 5. 


" I like the book because it starts with action with Zoe running from marauding gangs, chasing her round Norwich. Also that she hid a boat and used it to get away from them and left." Stanley Year 6. 

WB 20.09.21 This week Rowan class continued our learning about rivers by studying the work of Claude Monet. We used watercolours to recreate his series of works overlooking the Thames and the Palace of Westminster.

WB 27th September

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In our music session, we practised a well-known 70's hit.

WB 04.10.21

W.B. 04.10.21 This week in Rowan class we have continued our study of Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. Trapped on Eels Island, should Zoe be a lone wolf, or put her trust in the Eel’s mysterious leader, Dooby? Rowan considered their opinions and wrote Zoe a letter to advise her on her next move.

In maths we began subtraction, beginning with using jottings and working our way up to column method. We also took part in problem solving activities. The class were able to explain their thinking really clearly!

In topic, Rowan have begun to explore the different ways that rivers are used by people, including for recreation, industry and transport. We considered the long term impact that humans might have on our waterways.

Rowan class also took part in National Poetry Day, performing poems they had committed to memory for the class, as well as performing a poetry reading during harvest festival.

Finally, we continued developing our Tag Rugby skills in PE. Remember, no forward passes!

WB- 11.10.21

This week in English we continued our work on Floodland, planning and writing a story to explain the backstory of our antagonist, Dooby. The children were able to explain really effectively how events in his life turned him into a villain. In Maths, Year 4 and 5 worked on estimating, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 in order to find the approximate answer. Year 6 consolidated their knowledge of factors and multiples, as well as order of operations (BODMAS).

In Science, Year 4 continued their work on changing states of matter, and Year 6 investigated refraction and the visible spectrum of light, and how this affects the way we see colour.

In Topic we continued our learning on the topic of rivers, examining how water erodes the land and changes the shape of a river. Finally, we took part in a geography field day alongside children from Saturn class at Great Staughton Primary Academy. We studied the River Kym and collected data from Kimbolton high street, then returned to KPA to complete practical activities related to our work on erosion and deposition.

Geography Field Day 14.10.21

WB 01.11.21

As a class we read ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiessman. We took on the role of police investigators and interviewed each other in character about the mysterious events of Tuesday night. We presented our interview notes in the form of a play script.

In maths Year 4 and 5 have started their work on multiplication and division, we have introduced number link boards to make links to our known number facts.  This week they have been looking at multiples and general times table facts.  Y6 have calculated division using short and long written methods. 

In other subjects, Rowan class concluded their work on rivers in topic, ready to begin a study of local history. We also began our unit of Netball lessons with our fantastic PE coach, and took part in creative activities related to Diwali.

On Friday Year 6 visited the Royal Opera House to see Giselle. The story was performed entirely through music and dance. We are sure this will be a trip the children will remember for a long time!


WB 08.11.21

This week in English Rowan summarised the evidence they gathered to write a police report, detailing the strange occurrences of Tuesday night. They focussed on using formal language and reported speech.

In maths Year 4 and 5 continued their learning in multiplication and division, using place value to multiply and divide by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 and to find factors of numbers. Year 6 concluded their work on the four operations and began to study fractions, including simplifying fractions and using common multiples and factors to compare and order fractions.

On Monday afternoon in forest school, Rowan class worked with Ash class in forest school. They really enjoyed spending time acting as role models for the younger children.

In science this week we began to investigate our new topics for the half term; Year 4 will be learning about sound and Years 5 and 6 will be learning about electricity. We continued our local history report by researching historical figures with links to Kimbolton; Catherine of Aragon, Harold Godwinson and Geoffrey Fitzpiers. On Friday afternoon we continued our art learning about Monet by painting as he would have done, 'en plein air'. 

WB 15.11.21

This week Rowan continued their brilliant learning in English by learning about some of the features of journalistic writing- passive sentence construction and semicolons. We also read a variety of news reports, and discussed which ones we found the most informative or entertaining.

In Maths, Year 4 and 5 continued their learning about multiplication- Year 4 exploring multiplication and division facts for the 9 and 7 times table while Year 5 tackled common factors, square and cube numbers. Year 6 worked on adding and subtracting fractions, as well as multiplying and dividing fractions by whole numbers.

This week was Anti-bullying week, and we have taken part in live lessons, discussions and creative work on the topic of friendship and bullying. They discussed how important it is to be a ‘defender’ and what to do if you see something that isn’t right.

Finally, on Friday we took part in Children in Need day. It was great to see so many colourful socks in school!

WB 22.11.21

WB 22.11.21

Well done to Rowan Class for completing their first Assessment Week of the year. We completed papers in reading, grammar, spelling and maths skills. The children worked very hard and showed great perseverance.

In Science this week, Year 4 continued their study of sound by examining instruments that make high and low pitched sounds. Year 5 and 6 studied how voltage affects the way circuit components use power.

In our topic learning, Rowan class continued their study of the local area by researching what life would be like in Kimbolton in centuries past.

Finally we celebrated Inter-Faith week by investigating and comparing different world religions.

WB 29.11.21

WB 29.11.21

In maths this week, Rowan class examined their assessment papers from last week and worked together to correct any mistakes. Years 4 and 5 moved on to division, using long and short written methods. Year 6 have been multiplying fractions and dividing fractions by whole numbers.

In English, Rowan planned and wrote a newspaper report based on the ending of Tuesday by David Wiesner. They focused on using passive sentence construction, formal language and direct and reported speech in their work.

In science, Year 4 continued their work on sound by creating string telephones to transmit sound across a distance. Year 5 and 6 planned an investigation into how the length of the wires affect the amount of energy carried to the bulb in a circuit.

Rowan continued their work studying local history in topic, examining historical pictures of Kimbolton and looking for evidence of things that have changed over time.

WB 06.12.21

WB 06.12.21


This week in English, Rowan class began work on poetry, examining poems on the theme of the sea. We examined the poet’s use of alliteration and onomatopoeia and wrote verses in a similar style.

In maths, year 4 and 5 began work on drawing and interpreting data from different types of charts and graphs. Year 6 have studied finding points on a coordinate grid, in addition to drawing, translating and reflecting shapes using coordinate information.

In science, years 5 and 6 continued their work on electricity by conducting a test to determine if the length of their wires would affect how efficiently a circuit would work. We evaluated our tests and discussed how scientists must be able to trust their data. Year 4 tested different materials to see which ones absorbed the most sound, and would therefore be useful for soundproofing.

On Thursday, we joined the other KPA classes to celebrate our Christingle service. Rowan sang beautifully and the year 6 pupils performed a short reading.