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ROWAN CLASS 2021.2022


During Creative Week, Rowan class took part in a wide variety of expressive activities based on our text- The Promise by Nicola Davies. We created artwork and maps, and used creative writing to examine how we can use green spaces in our local area. We also went for a walk outside of school to see how outside spaces are used in Kimbolton.

Floodland! Our new text is Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. Rowan class have really enjoyed diving into the story in our English lessons.

"I liked the first two chapters because she was running away from marauding gangs. I also liked that she was hiding a boat in a shed. I like the adventure in the book." Zak Year 4.


"I quite like the book so far, because it seems to be quite a mystery. Also it looks a lot like there is some sadness in the story. Zoe acts like she's not scared, but she's nervous deep down." Rosie Year 5. 


" I like the book because it starts with action with Zoe running from marauding gangs, chasing her round Norwich. Also that she hid a boat and used it to get away from them and left." Stanley Year 6.