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Rainbow Flag (Kite Trust)

We celebrate our diverse society, believing that everyone is equal and we should be respected.  The books that we use in school cover this part of our curriculum in an age-appropriate way.  Please click on a book cover to enlarge the image to see the cover and blurb.

Year 6 pupils sharing books with Ash class

Some comments from children on our Rainbow Flag work


“If I saw someone doing or saying something unkind to someone because of who they love, I would step in and defend the person/people being bullied and tell them to stop because no-one should judge others for who they are or love.” EG


“A boy can marry a boy.” C (Ash)


“Today we read ‘King and King’ to Ash class. I think the main message is you can be with anyone you want…” IJ (Rowan)


”We learnt that boys can have babies.” P (Ash)


“We are going to read ‘Julian is a mermaid’. The main message is that just because Julian is a boy it doesn’t mean that he has to wear boys’ clothes.”  CC (Rowan)


”Two mummies would mean you are special and I would like that.” SRC (Ash)


”I think that it is a good thing to be different from others because it proves that we are all unique…” GB (Rowan)


”It’s okay to be different.” RB (Ash)


”Today we read ‘King and King’. I liked the message and the pictures. I also liked how it said that you (Kings) don’t have to marry a woman.”  MB (Rowan)


”Families can have two mums who wear beautiful clothes.” IW (Ash)


’”o celebrate the different relationships people have we could wear a badge that has a rainbow pride flag…” IJ (Rowan)


”Two boys can fall in love.” HT (Ash)


”They (the two daddy penguins) love the baby penguin the same as a mummy and daddy penguin.” E (Ash)


”A daddy and a daddy can both be married because 2 boys can be married.” J (Ash)



Year 6 Getting to grips with some of the terminology.