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Week commencing 4.11.19

We have had an amazing time taking part in Careers, Aspirations and Ambitions week this week. Our trip to Moor Farm has definitely put some roses in our cheeks after our lovely long walk, and the children learned so much about where our food comes from and what farmers do. We have also enjoyed talks from lots of different people on a huge range of different careers and aspirations, including a Channel swimmer, some animal rescuers, a firefighter, plumber, power station experts and a head teacher – and we still have one more exciting visitor this afternoon! We have been doing lots of writing and discussion about our strengths, skills, and dreams for the future and it has been fascinating to hear the children’s ideas. Hopefully there will be some interesting conversations at home too, perhaps sparked by some of the things we’ve seen and done this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed the week and I hope Oak pupils have too!