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Week commencing 28.10.19

This week we have had a lovely time celebrating Diwali. Oak class learned about the significance of light at Diwali and made paper lanterns to brighten up our classroom. In Maths, we have continued learning about addition and subtraction, with Years 3 and 4 getting to grips with column method, estimating, and checking using the inverse. Year 2 have also been adding and subtracting, and answering worded questions too. For English this week, we wrote spooky poems, and all of the children were asked to include alliteration in their poems. However, they decided to impress us by doing this and adding rhyme, rhythm and similes to their work – seriously spooky stuff and perfect for Halloween! In our Exploration Zone, the children have started work on life-size collages of Henry VIII – I can’t wait to see the finished results! 



Week commencing 14.10.19


Well done Oak class for a fantastic start to the school year this half term.


We finished off the half term with a week of creative fun. For their Science topic, the children made fantastic habitats using shoeboxes and other materials. Their models show the shelter and nutrition offered to the living things that can be found in that habitat and the children were really innovative in finding different ways to show these features.


Continuing our Tudors topic, the children also sketched each other and then painted portraits of a friend. This really helped them to develop their observational skills. They also put their colour mixing skills to good use, sharing ideas and even mixing up colours for the whole table to use.


In Maths and English we have been working hard as well - Years 3 and 4 have moved onto formal written methods for addition, and Year 2 have been busy looking at different methods for subtraction, especially subtraction involving numbers made up of tens and ones. In English, Oak class have been looking at poems and the different uses of language that we find in poetry. They did some really good group work looking at poems together, before planning and then writing their own Senses poem based on our school field. 


I hope everyone enjoys their half term break after all their hard work! Have fun, Oak class, and see you soon!

Mrs Parkin, Miss Reed and Mrs Rose