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School Uniform

As a school we place great importance on the wearing of a uniform.  It not only provides a strong sense of community and group identity but also ensures that the latest fashions and fads do not distract the children from the business of learning.  Furthermore, it creates equality among pupils and nurtures a sense of pride in their school community. 



*Royal blue sweatshirt with school logo (or sweat-cardigan for girls)
Blue polo shirt


Grey long trousers
Grey tailored shorts

Grey socks
Black closed in shoes


Grey skirt or pinafore dress
Grey long trousers
Grey tailored shorts
Blue checked dress

White or grey socks
Black closed in shoes (all footwear max height 2cm)
Blue, white or black hair accessories

Indoor PE:

*Blue PE T-Shirt with logo/Navy shorts
Bare feet

Outdoor PE:        

As indoor plus: Navy sweatshirt/Navy jogging bottoms
Trainers (black plimsolls for Reception/Y1)


* These items with school logo must be purchased from School Trends. 


Uniform items with the school logo are available to order from School Trends website:
All other items are readily available from high street stores.


Water bottles may be purchased from the school.


Please mark all uniform clearly with your child’s name.


Jewellery & Hair

No nail varnish or jewellery should be worn in school.  Watches may be worn.  Children with pierced ears should wear simple studs, which need to be removed for PE.  Ideally these should not be worn on PE days.  If they are, pupils need to supply their own named container in which to store them during the lesson and need to be able to remove and replace them independently. 


If your child’s hair is long enough, please ensure it is tied back.  Sometimes shoulder length hair may not be quite long enough to tie back.  In these cases, we ask that pupils wear a plain hairband or plain hairclips to keep their hair away from their face.  These should be in a colour in keeping with the uniform e.g. blue, white or black.  We also discourage excessive use of hair gel. 


Children are asked to remove their glasses during PE.  If this is not possible please let us know.