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Rowan Class 2022 - 2023

We are all looking forward to children returning to school for the Autumn Term.  We will welcome everyone in Rowan back with a creative week to introduce our topic of The Marvellous Mayans and also a PSHE based booked called 'The Barnabus Project' by The Fan Brothers.


In Rowan class Mr Greenham will remain as the class teacher with Ms Harris as our HLTA.    

Autumn Term 2022

Creative Week and WB 12.09.22


In creative week, we dived into our topic of the Maya by taking part in a range of creative activities, including playing the ancient Maya game Pok-a-tok, painting life size Maya priests and warriors and constructing a Mayan city. We also read 'The Barnabus Project' by the Fan Brothers and discussed the themes of the book and invented our own failed projects. 


In the week beginning 12.09.22, we commenced our topic of 'Classification' by creating a system to classify sweets. Year 6 completed baseline SATS assessments and Year 5 began work on place value. Rowan took part in writing and topic activities to remember the life of Queen Elizabeth II. 

WB 19.09.22

This week Rowan class have been hard at work on their new topics! In Maths, Year 5 have been comparing, ordering and sequencing numbers up to 10 million, while Year 6 have analysed their baseline assessments to identify gaps in their mathematical knowledge.

In English, we have begun Rain Player by David Wisniewski. Young Pok-a-tok player Pik has managed to anger the rain god, Chac. Can he play his way to victory against a god? Rowan have written instructional guides to the game, a dialogue for a missing scene and used the subjunctive mood: 'If I were the Ah kin mai...'

In Topic, the class have compared the Mayans to their contemporaries, the Anglo Saxons and begun to research famous Mayan cities such as Chichen Itza. In Science, the class built on their work from last week by designing classification keys to determine which animals belong in a particular group.