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OAK CLASS 2021.2022


WB 04.10.21


In Maths this week we have started our new unit on addition and subtraction. The Year Two children have focused on number bonds to 10/20 and adding and subtracting up to 20. Year 3 have started to recap using the column method to add 2 and 3-digit numbers and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers without regrouping. In English, we have planned and written our own stories based on a familiar setting. We have tried really hard to follow a basic structure of a story and to include expanded noun phrases and adverbs in our writing. To celebrate Black History Month, Oak Class have looked at some important black people throughout history and created information sheets about them. We talked about why it was so important to discuss the achievements of people of colour, especially those who contributed so heavily to British society. In preparation for our harvest assembly on Thursday, we have also looked at the different types of foods that are harvested and why this time of year is so important to Christians. In topic, we looked at some Roman gods - the children particularly found the idea of cupid funny and had lots of funny suggestions about inanimate objects falling in love with each other! Finally, in PE this week, the children enjoyed some target practice games with Mrs G. To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday, we also read a poem that we had practiced for homework and even read some that we had written!

WB 27.09.21


In English this week we have continued looking at The Detective Dog. We focused on description and choosing high quality language. We created our own character and used expanded noun phrases and adverbs to describe them, as well as describing the familiar settings. In Maths, we have finished our final week on place value for now. The Year Two children looked at counting in 2s,5s, 10s and 3s from any given number and used this knowledge to solve word problems. Year Three children focused on using number lines to estimate numbers, and multiples of 50. To celebrate European Day of Languages, we found out some more information about the landmarks and culture of France and celebrated with some pain au chocolate at break time! In Science, we have continued by looking at the life cycle of certain animals and the function of skeletons. We looked at two well-known parables as told by Jesus in the bible - 'The Good Samaritan' and 'The Lost Sheep.' We then answered comprehension questions about the parables and thought about why Jesus chose this method to spread his message. We also picked our Golden Ticket winners for September - The children have been trying incredibly hard to earn golden tickets this month!


WB 20.09.21


This week in Oak Class has been another busy one! Half of the class enjoyed their first forest session of the year with Mrs Tickle and the other half will be taking part next week. As a class, Mrs Tickle asked us to pick an endangered animal that we wanted to help save and we decided to adopt a giant panda cub. We also had our first Science lessons this week with Year 2 focusing on animals and their babies and Year 3 looking at types of skeletons. The children were very confused by some baby animal names such as 'kid' being a baby goat. In Maths, we have continued to look at place value with a focus on more than, less than and equal to. In English, we started a unit of work based on the Julia Donaldson book The Detective Dog. We predicted what would happen in the book and created character descriptions before reading on. Year 3 also enjoyed their first French lesson, working on types of greetings!

WB 13.09.21


What a lovely week we have had in Oak Class! We are back to our usual timetable this week and have been very busy learning. On Monday afternoon, we finished our project on The Secret Sky Garden by planting our flowers near the sensory garden. In Maths we have been looking at place value, focusing on using dienes to make parts of a whole number. By the end of the week, we were able to use our knowledge to solve place value problems. In English, we have focused on SPaG, looking at using capital letters and full stops, word groups and practicing our thesaurus skills (something we found very tricky!) We have started our unit in RE and are looking at Jesus and why he was important. We have completed a growth mindset lesson this afternoon, thinking about how we can help a child with a fixed mindset. Our first music lesson was a blast and we practiced finding the pulse of a song and learnt the words and actions to a new song too. We also sadly said goodbye to Landon today but wish him the best of luck in America.


WB 06.09.21


What a brilliant first full week we have had! This week we have been looking at The Secret Sky Garden, and exploring the issue of littering. We made posters to encourage people to stop littering, and did our first piece of exciting writing persuading people to stop and telling them why it is bad. We spent some time outside where we focused on our senses and we drew what we could hear, see and smell and how it felt to be outside. We also started to plan a gardening session to try to create a garden as beautiful as Funni's. In line with our topic of The Roman Empire, we designed and created our own clay coins based on the Roman coins that we saw. We then painted them to make them look old and realistic. We created roman mosaics in different patterns and thought about how long it would have taken the Romans to make such enormous pieces of work!