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Eggy Emails - how you used the eggs from our KPA Chickens!


Dear Mrs Hewett and the KPA chickens,

Thank you very much for the eggs that I got to take home....
Mummy and I decided to make chocolate chunk muffins.
I had great fun making them, I really liked cracking the eggs into the bowl and stirring the mixture.
Mummy said that the bits of shell that fell into the mixture would add extra texture!
The muffins were yummy!
Next time I see the chickens i will blow them kisses.

Thank you again,
Archie Newman Sylvester




Dear Mrs Hewett,
I made a yummy chocolate cake with the eggs from the chickens this week. Mum and Dad even let me lick the bowl once we had finished!
Thank you chickens!...
Love from Zak xx



Hello, we would like to thank you very much for the eggs. Alfie Candlish really enjoyed this. He made cheese omelette for dinner and chocolate fudge brownies for pudding...