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Events at KPA 2013-14

Whole School Aerobic Challenge for Sport's Relief.

To support Sport's Relief we decided to challenge ourselves to a 6 hour Aerobic marathon. Between our three classes, teachers and parents we managed to keep someone moving for the whole day. We started in the morning with a whole school session led by Miss Austin and then took it in turns, relay style, to keep exercising throughout the day. We even kept moving through the lunchtime when the teachers danced in the dinner hall while the children ate! Sessions were led by parents, governors and teachers with Mums and Dads being invited to join us for the final push at the end of the day. A fun but exhausting day was had by all. Well done for making a difference and raising money for Sport's Relief.


Mother's Day Lunch

On Thursday 27th March we invited Mum's to join their children for a special Mother's Day school dinner. We decorated the tables with cloths and flowers. Both children and Mums enjoyed a delicious home cooked roast dinner produced by our excellent kitchen staff.


Cambridgeshire Primary School's Cross Country Championships

On Wednesday 2nd April, the KPA Cross Country team travelled to Priory Park St Neots, to enter Cambridgeshire Primary Schools’ Cross Country Championships. There were four children in each team and each child had to run a 1200m leg of the relay course.  Over 58 schools entered, with over 200 teams competing!


We have been training for this event since the start of the school year.  In the beginning, many thought that they would not be able to make the distance, however through their commitment and sheer hard work (whatever the weather), they all completed the course and were rewarded by achieving excellent results.  Within the Small School category, the girls were placed 7th and the boys 10th.


We would like to thank all of the parents and friends who turned up to cheer the teams on – some of our supporters ran as far as the children, but it was all worth it when they saw the smiles of achievement on their children’s faces!  


It was wonderful to see all of our children competing at such a high level, with team spirit and determination in abundance!  We will never forget the huge grins and shouts of “I’ve done it!” as they finished the course.


Next term, we look forward to preparing the children for the Primary Athletics Championships in July.


Many thanks to Mrs Bullimore for all her hard work training the children.


Easter Service

On Friday 4th of March we walked down to St Andrew's Church to hold our Easter Celebration led by Rev. Bowring. We listened to Rowan Class read Easter poems, watched Oak class create a tableau of the stations of the cross and enjoyed the wonderful Easter Bonnet parade by Ash class.  The children sang a selection of Easter songs and hymms.


On returning to the school everyone was invited to join us for an Easter tea party and Easter raffle organised by our excellent KPA PTA.


KPA PTA Race Night

On the afternoon of Saturday 10th May parents, children, staff and friends of the school all enjoyed the fun of the races in the school hall.


The races consisted of teams of 'riders' winding up a bobbin which pulled their wooden horse towards the finishing line. Spectators decided who they thought would win and those children who guessed correctly received a small lucky dip prize. The winning 'riders' also received a prize.


Great fun was had by all. Thank you KPA PTA for organising such an entertaining event.


Father's Day Lunch

On Friday 13th June we held a Father's Day lunch where Mums and Dads could enjoy a delicious meal with their children. Everyone ate well and there were clean plates all round.


Family Rounders Match

On Saturday 14th June our KPA PTA held a Family Rounders Match. This was very well attended by parent's, pupils, teaching staff and friends of the school. A great time was had by all